About Us

     This is the personal blog of Geron and Lydia Brown. We write mostly about the wonderfully mundane daily occurrences of our family and whats going on with the kids. Raising kids brings a lot of life lessons, and we try to share what they are teaching us. We stay very busy because Mommy works at an elementary school with kindergartners and Daddy works at the church in music and media. Our families and friends are kinda spread out and we find that this is one of the best ways for us to stay in touch with those we care so much about, but rarely get to see.

Cora Sophia

     Cora Sophia is our oldest. She's a very spirited four year old who loves coloring pictures, singing, dancing, and animals of all kinds. She especially loves reading books with mommy and daddy and playing dress-up. She really likes things that are fancy.

Favorite Song: "ABC" by the Jackson 5

Loves: Leg Warmers, Watermelon, CareBears, Chocolate, Disney Princesses, Looking at cakes in the store, Wrestling with her brother

Favorite Quote: "That's enough talking Granny"

Cohen Preston

     Cohen Preston is now two and is always running. He is always singing, and is really learning to talk well. He is a rolly-polly, but starting is to lose that baby fat. He still eats like a horse. Cohen is learning how to be funny and wrestle. He can name all of the sesame street characters, but his favorite is elmo.

Favorite Song: "Itsy-Bitsy Spider"

Loves: Hats, Cheese Balls, Disney's Cars, Looking at Books, His Yellow Blankie, Waking up early, Singing, VeggieTales

Favorite Quote: "I smell gas" upon hearing flatulance

Geron & Lydia