Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Geepers' Peepers

We were visiting some good friends and their new baby in the hospital. I think this look says "I hope you don't get one of those fussy things at our house, mom and dad." (You don't have to worry about that happening any time soon, Cora.)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Rose by any other name would be especially cute if Cora said it...

Forgive the long time between blogging, but having a toddler keeps us much busier than an infant. Cora is practically running these days and into everything and the Christmas tree isn't up yet, so... We're having lots of fun, though, especially now that she is talking more. Lots of jibberjabbering going on here, but everynow and then we hear something that sounds like a real word. There are the obvious: byebye, hey, Dada, PawPaw. Lately, she's been surprising us with some especially cute things. She has decided to call dogs "BayBay" after Bailey, the dog at the sitter's. Sometimes she'll say "Puppa" for puppy, too. She's very fond of "Kikis" or "key kahs" which are kittycats. (Have to get over that one, because a cat we will never have. ) "Baws"(balls) are some of her favorite toys. And, she also enjoys calling her "YaYa", "Gawdy"(granny, as of this morning), Annie and Nanny on the phone to say "Hey!" and "ByeBye!" Recently, the princess changed the queen mum's name and began calling me "Bob". Now, we're getting a more recognizable "Mom-mom". (Thank the Lord!)

We've been working with Cora on calling people by their names. We'll point at ourselves and say "Mommy" or "Daddy" and try to get her to say it. Then, we'll point at her and say "Cora" in hopes she'll say her own name. This morning at breakfast, she showed us some things she'd learned. I started the routine

"Cora, say 'Dada'."


"Goood! Say "Mommy".

"Momm mom".

"Goood! Say PawPaw"


"Oh, you're so smart! Say Granny."

"Gaw duh".

"Yesss. Say Cora."

She pointed at her chest and said "Cuh duh".

"Good girl!! Say Cora."

She pointed at her nose and said "Cuh duh". She's getting to be such a big girl!!!

We're so proud of you, Cuh duh!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

lil' wildcat

Cora's long battle with ear infections will hopefully be vanquished tomorrow. She is gonna have tubes put in her ears. We are a little nervous, but feel this is really the right thing to do.

We spent some time in KY this past weekend with our buddies jeff, holly, and brian. Cora enjoyed chasing sparks the cat around. Sparks didn't particularly enjoy it however.

We picked up a new outfit while we were in the promised land. She wore it today when we went to the doctor. One of the docs is from frankfort and he got a big kick out seeing Cora decked out in her cats gear.

here's a pic