Wednesday, March 28, 2007


last night our first pastoral candidate came to preach and interview at the church. He is a nice guy and the pastor of a very successful Church in Roswell, NM. You know.... E.T. land ...Area 51..."We are not alone".... that place. We had kinda a regular service with everything just being a little shorter than usual. I led the music and was really nervous, because i'm kinda trying out for him too is he comes here. To complicate things the temperature was in the upper 80's yesterday so i was burnin up in my suit. and furthermore the pollen count is so bad here that everything has a coat of yellow on it from all of the pollen. So i wasn't really at my best, but that's ok i guess.

After He preached, he fielded questions from the audience for about an hour. I kept resisting the urge to ask him if aliens really did exist. I wish I would have. Pray for me through this transition time.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Practice Makes Perfect and Other Words that Start with "P"

Cora has been working really hard lately on her "p" sounds.  We're not quite sure what she's trying to say, but she's practicing it very often and mainly when we put her on the changing table.  I lay her on the table and she starts in "Puh" "Puh" "Puh" "Puh" etc.  I don't know what she is wanting to say, but she's about to say "poop".  I sure hope "Poop" isn't her first word.  How embarassing!
In other news, we're headed up to the promised land this weekend for some R&R with my parents.  I probably lied about the R&R part since Geron is going to be very busy setting up their new computer and its many accessories.  Although, he enjoys that kind of stuff, so it may be relaxing for him afterall.  I, on the other hand will be staying far away from the computer room.  Mom has places to go and people to see or I should probably say people to show her grandbaby off to. HA! 
On Friday, we're back to the Smokies to visit with the new Mr. & Mrs. Ben S.  Geron and Ben are going to take in a concert while Rebekah, Cora and I do some shopping or girl stuff of some sort.  And, perhaps after Cora goes to bed we might get in a good game of Hand and Foot????  I'm not sure I've played it since Cora was born, unless we played with Jeff and Holly when they came down.  I can't remember that time too well as I was still on the EXTREMELY strong pain meds from surgery.  (Entirely different story/stories there.)
ANYHOO, this will be Cora's second big trip--the last one was to Ben and Rebekah's wedding.  Hopefully she will do so well on this trip as she did on that one. 
Oh, and while we're in Kentucky, we're going to get Cora's picture made, so I will try to post a new one as soon as I can.  Til Sunday, this is Lydia saying "Blah blah blah........"
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Well, that's a good question! How about the kitchen? or the real bath tub? I think I can figure that out by tomorrow afternoon. Love you, Cora.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

tourney time

I'm a proud son of EKU and of course like so many of you i bleed maroon. So i was thrilled a week or two ago when i watched the colonels beat Austin Peay to become the OVC champions. of course this means they got a ticket to the home of march madness... the big dance... the NCAA basketball tounament. So i was sadenned when i learned that they were going to be a #16 seed which always faces one of the #1 seeds in the opening round. The Tarheels of North Carolina are the Goliath in this scenario, But I'm pulling for little David. Tonight at 9:40 when they tip off i'll be wearing my Colonel gear, and pulling for my boys.

listen to this for a little inpiration

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Saturday, March 10, 2007

playing dress up

I confess--to many its probably no secret--when I was young I loved playing with dolls. And I especially loved playing with the dolls at my granny's house because she had a trunk full of beautiful clothes to dress them up in. So now, I'm an adult and I have a baby daughter and as my mom would say about me "I love playing with my little doll." More specifically, dress up! If you've seen Cora's closet, dresser, or cases of clothes under her bed, you would understand.
Cora spit up who knows how many times today and instead of putting grungies on her because its Saturday and we're not going anywhere, I've been dressing her up--in sundresses she's been given that won't fit her this summer. One had a matching hat, so I put it on her, too, just because babies are soooo cute in hats. She doesn't seem to mind. She just wants to be clean and dry. Geron, on the other hand, thinks I'm crazy, I'm sure. But he's not a girl, so he doesn't understand. Last week we bought her a bikini, a teeny weeny yellow bikini--no polka dots. Of course, we had to see her in it right away. I think it will be too small this summer.
Anyway, I report all of this to say that if anyone else out there in blogger world is guilty of playingdress up with your baby, please post so I know i'm not alone in my craziness!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Baby Talk

Cora isn't to the point where she says Mama or Dada yet, but she has said a couple of things accidentally that have been hilarious.
First, I may have shared this one already, but while Geron's mom was in the hospital a nurse walked in and said "Hey!" and Cora looked right at her and said "Hey!" right back. Hilarious moment number one, which also was caught on video.
Hilarious moment number 2 happened today. Apparently, while I was doing the laundry downstairs, Cora was yelling about something for no reason. Geron told her she was being bad and asked her if she wanted a spanking (which she has never had) and she said "Yeah!" I'm sure if and when she does get one she'll wish she hadn't said that.
There have been some other occasions where she has seemed to have said something like at the babysitter's house where she said "I Cora". I'm glad she knows who she is and look forward to when she tells us "You Mama" and "You Dada".