Monday, September 24, 2007

New Discovery

Oh what is this bump on the front of my face? 
Its smells yummy things for which I say Grace.
Mommy says its called a nose. 
Its round and on bottom it has two holes. 
I find a surprise in one of the holes. 
I taste it, its yummy
But daddy says "Gross!"
I like this new thing mommy calls my "nose".
My fingers fit in it.  Now how about my toes?
(Any resemblence to the book entitled The Holes In My Nose" is strictly coincidental.
Any resemblence to Cora is strictly intentional.)

Friday, September 21, 2007


Cora got her twelve month--almost 13 month--shots today. Everyone in her doctor's office seems to be crazy about her.  I just assumed they went gaga over all their patients, but the nurse told me today that they actually have some favorites and Cora is one of them. Sweet!  Cora showed off her latest trick today--walking. Everyone cheered for her and she seemed to be pretty proud of herself.  She weighed in at a whopping 25lbs and 4oz and is still 29 inches long. Her nurse said she'll probably start losing some weight now--which means bye-bye cute little pot-belly and roly poly legs.  I hope she keeps her chubby cheeks for awhile.  As for her shots, she took'em like a pro.  Well, she cried about a minute, maybe, but dried up pretty quick and started cutting shines, as my dad would say.  She now has pink eye, too, which came from the same virus that caused her rash and fever earlier in the week.  Doc gave us some drops for her eyes, though, so hopefully it will clear up pretty quickly.  While I don't want to see her doctors and nurses as often as we have been, I really do love them.  They are so good to ALL of us. 

Thursday, September 20, 2007

good times

sorry for leaving you hanging there.  For those who asked--we answer "yes, we're feeling better."  For those who prayed,  THANK YOU so much.  My left eye seems to have cleared up and my right eye is almost there.  I've probably got one more day to endure.  Geron seems to be doing well and didn't get the eye crud afterall.  Cora acts like she feels fine, but she has a rash all over her little body.  WHAT ARE WE DOING WRONG HERE?  She has a doctor's appointment tomorrow to get her 12 month immunizations, but I don't know if thats going to happen or not with this rash.  This will be the second time we've missed getting them if they decide not to do it.  Her last appointment for the shots was scheduled the week she ended up in the hospital with the kidney infection. 
Good times, though.  We went to a birthday party tonight and everyone had a good time.  Our new pastor's daughter turned 11 today.  We LOVE her!  She's really good with Cora and has such an encouraging heart.  Sweet girl.  Cora had fun.  They have 4 children, 2 girls and 2 boys and Cora is crazy about all of them.  Matthew, who's 7, is the coolest in her eyes.  There's just something about a boy with dimples that makes her heart go pitter patter.  ha! 
Cute moment of the day:  Cora tried to walk on hardwood floor in socks.  She did the splits.  (Our daughter's a gymnast, who knew?) Yes, she's okay.

Monday, September 17, 2007

an apple a day PLUS 3 bags vitamin C drops, 6 ibuprofen, 2 bottles pedialyte, etc...

Around our house, we like to play a game called "Who's turn is it to be sick?"  This week, everyone wins!!  Cora had been the running champ for awhile with the kidney infection and then ear infections, and we finally got fed up with it.  This past week, my eye started bothering me and I summed it up to allergies.  Yesterday, however, the whole left side of my head began to hurt.  After a lumberjack's night of sleep, I decided to stay home from work and call doc.  "Congratulations" said Doc.  "You have conjunctivitis(pink eye) and your tonsils are swollen."  So, I went back home and slept the rest of the day away.  (z pak and drops were on their way) 

Meanwhile at GCN...
Geron had taken me to the doctor's office, back home, and went back to work.  As he sat in his air-conditioned office, he began to burn up and break out in a sweat.  Walking down the stairs to go home, he began to feel weak in the knees.  He debated going to pick Cora up himself, but did so anyway.  When he returned home, he fell asleep and hasn't awoken since.  I hope he's not waiting for a kiss since we're both contagious. 
And to top it all off,  Cora decided she would run a fever and have her belly covered in a rash. 

No news as to what the other two family members are suffering from as of yet, but I'm sure Cora has won once again. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


It finally really happened today, It's like someon flipped a switch or something

Monday, September 10, 2007


FINALLY!  Last night, Cora took her first steps.  Just two, but two steps with no hands.  Then she sat down.  Little booger.  She really doesn't need to hold onto anything or anyone anymore for support, but she THINKS she does.  I'm predicting by the end of this month she'll be walking on her own.  Maybe not as fast as she's crawling right now(roadrunner, I tell you) but walking on her own.  I'm pumped about this new phase!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Sleepless in Chattanooga

Our family has been participating in something called a "Sleep Fast".  Its where you give up sleeping for 3 nights straight and see how many times you can get up and down out of the bed in one evening.  Of course, the whole idea was Cora's.  Except she gets to stay in her bed, if thats what she wants.  About every hour or so, she spits her pacifier out and cries until someone walks in her room and gives her paci back or changes her diaper or picks her up and rocks her or...You get the picture.  Geron and I haven't been doing so hot, needless to say.  And apparently Cora hasn't been either. 
When one fasts from sleep one begins to wonder WHY one is fasting from sleep.  They look for signs.  Usually the person who has come up with the idea to fast from sleep is the one showing said signs.  So, we looked to Cora.  This morning, she gave us some very definite signs.  Sign one:  I sat her in the high chair and she threw up what looked like banana pudding BEFORE i could even feed her breakfast.  Sign two:  she threw up apple juice in the van on the way to the sitter's.  So, we went back home.  Sign three: she slept ALL DAY--woke for maybe half an hour, had one poopy diaper and one peepee diaper all day long.  Sign four:  fever.  So, we finally went to the doctor's office this afternoon.  To sum it all up, the reason we've been fasting from sleep is because Cora has two ear infections. 
We're now on meds, well Cora is, but that means we are getting our sleeping pills finally! HA!  Hopefully tonight our fast will be over and perhaps things will start to be back to normal tomorrow.  Please pray for our little girl.