Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Cora has been cracking me up lately with the things she says.  I recently went on a ladies retreat to Gatlinburg with some women from our church.  Cora and Cohen stayed home with Daddy for two nights in a row.  IN the car the other day, we heard Cora saying "Cohen, say 'Gatlin'.  Say 'burger'.  Say 'Gatlinburger'."  I said "Cora, its actually 'Gatlinburg."  She then began questioning me about my trip and asked if I had played games in Gatlinburg.  She wanted to know who all had gone on the trip with me.  Finally, when she had seemed to have heard enough, she said "Mommy, when I grown up, I'm going to be a mommy, and I'm going to go to Gatlinburg."  

Tonight at church someone in our vicinity said something about the sun shining on them.  It was 8 oclock and quite dark at the time.  Cora piped "There is no sun."  

Another something Cora has taken to doing lately, which we all highly enjoy, is making up her own praise songs.  She's actually been doing this awhile now.  Sometimes she takes bits and pieces of songs and sings them over and over.  Like "Blessed be the name...Blessed be the name....Blessed be the name of the Lord."  But other times, its entirely her made up song "Jesus Praise. God Holy.  Praise.  I love Jesus. Sing praise.  Holy, etc. etc etc."  I guess this comes from listening and observing Geron and the praise team as they rehearse on Sunday mornings.  

Speaking of singing, my final cute thing for the day is Cora's latest rendition of Jingle Bells.  I don't know if someone has been singing it at school or if she's just remembering it from last Christmas, but lately, Jingle Bells has been one of Cora's favorites.  She's just got it a little mixed up...

"Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Open wide and sleighhhh...."

We get about that far.  I've tried to sing with her and refresh her on the actual words.  So far, she's having none of it.  So, for now, have fun as you open wide and sleigh...and if you figure out how to do whatever that is, let me know.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cora Sophia

Hard to believe she was ever like this...

Do you remember when yours were this small?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Very Favorite Little People

If you haven't met these two little bundles of sunshine, than you are
missing out!

You, my beautiful Cora and Cohen, brighten my day and fill me with
gladness. I love you so much and am so blessed to be your mommy.

Thank you, God, for my amazing children!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Enchanted Corn Maze

Today our church had a family outing to the Enchanted Corn Maze below
Rock City. Cora and Cohen really enjoyed it. We only went through
the first phase of the maze, due to a tired toddler and a heavy baby,
but I would definitely do it again.

While the maze was the main attraction, there were plenty of other
activities for the fam. Among the free, were the cow train ride for
the little ones, a hayride around the outside of the maze, a pet maze
(our oldest 'pet' liked that one a lot), and a re-maze, which was a
maze made from recycled materials. We didn't actually go through this
one, but I thought it was a neat idea (and I imagine Jenna could
probably make one of her own from all the recycling she does. :) ).
Face painting, pumpkin painting, and bouncy houses were also available
for small fees, but we didn't partake. Nor did we invest in a funnel
cake---hard to believe, I know---but they were there, too, with nachos
and other yummy fall carnival type foods.

At night, they have a haunted maze, same maze with spooky characters
running around in it. The guy driving our hayride told us that he
dresses up as a zombie at night and never breaks character, and the
hayride actually takes place IN the maze during the evening runs.
They also show horror movies and have a haunted trail. Having seen
Children of the Corn one time too many, the evening festivities did
not sound appealing to me. But if you're one who likes to get their
spook on, you might want to check them out.

We enjoyed just getting to visit with friends and watch the kids have
fun. It was a great way to wear them out for their Saturday afternoon
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