Monday, March 31, 2008

It's A Boy

Monday, March 24, 2008


We have one week until we find out whether Cora is getting a little sister or little brother.  Keep your fingers crossed (and pray the baby doesn't keep its legs crossed! HA!)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Get Your Groove On!

So life with Cora is a real adventure these days. 18 months and her personality is blooming. They say she's like I was at that age; always trying to entertain. She love to talk, sing, dance, count, run, pray, act silly and be the center of attention. She has learned that she can really crack us up...but the funniest things happen when she doesn't realize we are watching, like the thing that happened yesterday.

Lydia and I love Saturday Night Live but can never stay up to watch it so we TiVo it and watch it later. Cora happened to be watching it with us and when Mariah Carey was performing she really started getting into it and realy cracked us up. We decided to rewind the TiVo and see if she was up for a repeat performance. Boy was she ever, and mommy gave a little performance of her own. Of course, we captured it all for glorious youtube.

Before any of you thing I'm a bad husband, I got permission from Lydia before putting this up.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Like Mother Like Daughter...or so Daddy said

Yesterday, Geron was laying on the floor of the living room playing with Cora.  Cora sped off into the kitchen and stayed in there for a bit.  We didn't know what she was doing, but knew that our bags we'd packed for a cancelled trip this weekend were still in the kitchen on the floor.  I called for Cora to come back to the living room.  She didn't come.  I called again.  She still didn't come.  Finally, I went to the kitchen and walked her back to the living room.  She stood at Geron's head.  I said "She doesn't listen."  Geron retorted "She's like her mother."  At that, Cora reached down and smacked him on the mouth.  Laughing,  I said "You tell him, Cora" and she smacked him again. 
Disclaimer: we usually don't allow Cora to hit, but I couldn't pass on this opportunity.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Cora hasn't quite gotten the concept down of "Shhh..." but she sure does say it well.  This morning, she ran back to our room and pushed the door open--Geron was still sleeping.  I whispered "Daddy's sleeping" and she held her finger to her mouth and said "Shhh.." and then she yelled "BAAAAA!!"  Of course, Geron woke up and rolled over to see what was going on.  I again  whispered "Daddy's sleeping.  Shhhh..."  She put her finger over her mouth again and said "shhh..  shhh..." and then ran down the hall.  She's a nut!