Thursday, March 26, 2009

Little Funnies related to Cora's Surgery

Cora had tubes put in her ears yesterday and also had her adenoids removed.  During and related to the days' proceedings, we had several funny moments with her.  The first came as her anesthesia began taking effect.  She got quite loopy and said the first things that came to mind I'm guessing.  When her YaYa called to see how things were progressing, Cora piped up "Hi, YaYa!  You wanna go to Walmart?  You wanna go to a movie with me?"  As she grew more groggy, her eyes began to look glazed and we could tell she would soon be out.  So, we (Geron, his dad, and I) tried to get Cora to sing a bit.  The Itsy Bitsy Spider became "duh inny bih-ee Spa" and that was about it.  

 cora did very well in surgery and recovered VERY quickly.  She was back to her wild self within an hour after surgery pretty much.  In fact, she was extremely wired for much of the day.

Last night when Holly called, she asked Cora "what happened to her at the hospital".  Cora replied "They took my ears out."  

She tickles me.  It's always something new and unexpected with her.  

Thanks to all who prayed for her and us this week.  She is doing very well and we are looking forward to good, healthy days for her!

Monday, March 23, 2009

prayers of tots

Little ones are so innocent when it comes to prayers.  I love how they will say exactly what they're thinking.  And you can always tell if they have heard other people pray because they tend to model those prayers, or attempt to at least.  So, all that to say that my sweet daughter offered a precious word to God at the dinner table tonight as we prepared to dine on our mexican fare.  Cora prayed "Dear Jesus, thank you for this day.  Help our taco. Amen."

I'm guessing that this prayer was answered with a ""no" since we ATE [those] tacos.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Does God Laugh At Us?

I think God uses lots of moments with my kids to teach me things about himself and his love for us.  Sometimes things happen with Cora that make me bust out laughing and she has no clue they're even funny.  Those are the times that make me wonder if we make God laugh. 

Today, Cora was playing in her room while I was entertaining Cohen in the living room.  She started yelling "Mommy!"  and yelling other random things.  I let it carry on for a bit and then called for her to come to the living room.  She came running.  I asked "What were you doing in there?"  "I was on my bed" she replied.  "But why were you in there?" I asked.  "I was screamin'" she said.  "BUT WHY were you screaming?" I asked her.  "I was doing it on purpose." and then she did Geron and myself.  Would God laugh at that?

I am continually amazed at the things she says and what she picks up from people and I tend to laugh at her cute ways of pronouncing words.  On vacation, Cora often talked about the fact that we were on "A-cashun" and that we were going to see "oranj beesh" (Orange Beach).  I asked her about something that had happened at the beach one day and she responded "Remember, Mommy? I did it in the o-shun."  To being reprimanded for trying to eat something she'd picked up off the floor, she said "No, Cora, that's isgussing!" (disgusting)  

I find upon occasion that God uses things Cora says to make me check myself,too~ probably more than just 'on occasion' really.  Today I experienced two of those moments.  The first I recognized automatically as being my fault when she repeated a word I said about Cohen having just passed gas.  I definitely have to work on that one.  The other happened later and Geron and I were absolutely shocked at what we thought we'd heard.  Geron even asked her if she'd said it to make sure we'd heard correctly and to ensure it didn't happen again.  She'd told us to be quiet in a not so nice fashion.  And she did say it.  Unfortunately, I have a habit of laughing when Cora says something that absolutely shocks me and I had to bite my shirt to keep from letting her see me laugh at that time.  I KNOW God wouldn't laugh then.   While I am pretty sure Cora didn't get THAT one from me...the Lord checked me on that one a couple of years ago ...I know I have got to work on not laughing at her at inappropriate moments.  Suggestions?

Friends tell me lots of times that they think God has a sense of humor~afterall, just look at me!  But if He does really laugh, I'd like to hear it every now and then, I think.  

Thursday, March 12, 2009

short update & pics

So we have been enjoying the warm weather her.

I have a cold, but looking forward to vacation.

Cora is getting more tubes in her ears and adenoids removed on the 25th.

and lastly....Happy Birthday Granny!!!

now for the pics


100_2276 100_2282 100_2286 100_2288 100_2291 100_2307 100_2327

Monday, March 2, 2009

pip pop parry?

Recently we upgraded our old Tivo to a new Dual-Tuner HD Tivo. If you have small children, and don’t have Tivo… you don’t know what your missing. It is the best thing to control what your children do and don’t watch on TV. We have it set up so it automatically records some of Cora’s favorite shows during the daytime, so in the evenings when we are trying to fix dinner, there’s always something for her to watch.

For a while now we have been recording several shows daily including: The Wonder Pets, Sesame Street, Barney, and Olivia. Recently we decided to try adding some new shows. Some of Cora’s new favorites are Franklin and Hip Hop Harry or as She Calls it “Pip-Pop-Parry”.

Hip Hop Harry is a giant rapping bear with mad flava, a sweet gold chain, and sports a throwback bucket hat like classic LL. He teaches kids educational things and it has a lot of dancing. It is quite fun to watch cora dance along with it. Tonight She was really getting down with Harry and the kids.

check out this sample