Tuesday, July 31, 2007


When you're preparing for parenthood, people often tell you to enjoy the baby years 'they grow up so fast'. They tell you what you'll need for the nursery, sometimes what you WON'T need..Start buying diapers now...Start saving for college now...They tell you when to expect certain milestones to occur---walking, crawling, saying Mama and Dada...BUT noone can even give you an inkling of how to expect to FEEL when your child starts doing those things.
Sunday afternoon, Cora went home with a family from church and came back spoiled :) with new toys, but also with a new trick. One of the toys the family purchased for her was kind of like a baby lawnmower. Samantha put Cora down at the door to the sanctuary (right after church) with the toy and Cora came WALKING in at high speed!!! Yes, she was holding on to the toy, but this was a major fete for her! I wanted to jump up and down, to laugh, to cry---I was in awe of the moment--my BABY was evolving into a Little girl. In the nursery that evening, Samantha also showed me how Cora could now maneuver the riding toys. How did we miss this?? We've worked with her on these things at home, but on Sunday, something just clicked.
Today, I am again amazed at my 'little girl'. If you've ever read to a little one, then you know you have to be really animated to keep their attention or they will start chewing the book and trying to wiggle out of your lap.

So, we were reading a story about Easter and came to the part of God taking Jesus up into Heaven. And the words were something like "God took Jesus up, up, up!" and as I read them I pointed up a little higher each time for emphasis. Cora seemed to like how I'd said them, so I did it again, and then continued reading. The next thing I know, Cora is pointing her little hand up in the air saying "uhpuh! uhpuh! Uh puh! " I wasn't able to read for a little bit after that because my eyes were blurry and we were laughing and saying "Uh puh!"

Like those who tried to prepare me, I, too, will fail at describing to you the joy you will feel watching your child grow and express themselves. All I can say is it is AMAZING and gets better and better every day. And, yes, I have to go back to school this week. Lets not even discuss it.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

How'd she get up there?

While we were on vacation, we stayed in a place with an open stairway.  Everyone was concerned that we'd need a gate to keep Cora from trying to climb the stairs.  However, she attempted and couldn't figure it out, so we didn't worry about the gate. 
Since we've been back, we haven't worried about stairs because ours are behind closed doors, which can also be locked. 
The stairs at church are another story and haven't been a concern--til today.  On Sunday, Geron worked with Cora on climbing the stairs.  She wasn't able to do it by herself, but they worked on it for awhile.  Today, while waiting for Geron to go to lunch, Cora and I sat at the bottom of the stairs to the office.  She crawled over to them and pulled herself up.  She grabbed a hold of the third step and used it to pull herself up to the next step.  Before I knew it, she was climbing, by herself.  She only made it two steps and I was right behind her, in case she should fall.  Those steps were hardwood.  The stairs about ten feet away, going up to the choir loft, are carpeted.  So, I took her over to them to let her try them out.  She climbed all 5 right into the sanctuary!  Looks like there's no taking your eyes off her for even a second anymore. 

If I'm bald the next time you see me, now you'll understand why. 

Friday, July 20, 2007

Aren't they cute?

I love this picture! I took it right when we came back from camp, so you can still see Cora's "major" booboo on her nose from where she fell off the bed.

Where did she find that brown pool toy?

I guess there's a first time for everything when you have children.  SOME of those firsts sure would be nice to avoid, but you can't pick and chose, so I guess we get to experience them ALL.  Like today's--Cora's first poopie in the pool.  Fortunately, it wasn't as bad as the title.  It stayed in her little swimmer.  But what a mess to clean up!!! 
Word of advice:  If you're going to feed your baby prunes for breakfast, don't take her swimming until the prunes have resurfaced.
(Mom, she loves her ducky pool.  Thanks!)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

home alone

Ahhhh...a quiet house...baby's with grandparents...husband's working...me-home alone with an almost clean house...time to read...veg out in front of the t.v....check email...blog...take a nap...play the piano...

Gone to her head...

I definitely think everyone telling Cora how beautiful she is has finally gone to her head. Today, she and I had to make a trip to Wally World for some needed items. She'd turned herself sideways in the cart seat so that she could look all around as we shopped. Driving the cart down the middle aisle, I caught her doing the princess wave whether people were looking at her or not. I'm thinking she was practicing for a parade. Lord, help us!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Doggone Crazy!

Cora is crazy about dogs!!  We don't have one, yet.  We'll have to move before we can have one, but in the meantime, Cora is enjoying other people's dogs.  She's basically growing up with her sitter's dog, Bailey.  Bailey is some type of spaniel, I guess maybe Cocker.  She's a beautiful black and white dog and as sweet as can be.  Bailey is around kids every day so she's used to their shenanigans.  When Cora first started going to TonTon's (sitter) she and Bailey developed a very close bond.  Bailey would lay on the bed in the room where Cora napped and wouldn't get up until Cora got up from nap.  Sometimes Bailey would lay her head on Cora while Cora napped.  They're crazy about each other!  Cora, I'm sure, is missing her good pal Bailey this summer. 
Another good doggy friend of Cora's is Sugarbear, her YaYa and PawPaw's dog.  Sugarbear is an American Sharpei, you know, a wrinkle dog.  At first I was worried that Sugarbear would be rough with Cora and bite her--she can be a pretty wild dog sometimes--but Sugarbear was and is actually very gently with our girl.  In fact, if Cora is crying, Sugarbear will go to her people and try to get them to check on Cora and make sure she's okay.  Sugarbear knows Cora as "The Baby".  PawPaw can say "Sugarbear, where's the baby?" and Sugarbear will go right to Cora. 
Molly is Cora's newest doggy friend.  Molly is a german shepherd mix belonging to Becky andTom, friends of ours from church.  Whenever we go to Becky's, Molly always greets us, tail wagging.  Cora tries to talk to Molly.  She'll yell at her and bounce up and down trying to get at her.  We put her down on the ground and let Molly come over to her.  Molly is always very good with Cora, even when Cora yanks a handful of her fur. 
Lots of kids, especially little kids, tend to be afraid of dogs.  They panic if a dog comes near them, even if its a tiny little chahuahua, and if it barks at them, well that means the dog is about to eat them for sure!  Our Cora is not at all this way.  Be it Rottweiler, Great Dane, Old English Sheep Dog, --if it has four legs and barks, no matter how loud, it means our Cora has a friend for life. 

Sunday, July 1, 2007

ESPN Baby-style

Cora proved herself quite the athlete at camp this past week.  She could compete in track, hotdog eating contests, swimming and even, diving. 
Lets start with track...Cora is really crawling now.  She almost hops--Leapfrog, anyone?  She's developing her skill and will be ready to compete in baby hurdles next summer, I'm sure. 
Second, hotdog eating contests.  While Cora didn't have an actual hotdog this past week, she did do a lot of eating.  And with TWO teeth coming in now, she's ready for some real food to break'em in on.  So far her favorites are pickles and lemons, and new today, pineapple.  She tried some potroast, but couldn't get it broken down enough to swallow.  (Let me tell you, when you think your baby is chewing potroast really well and five minutes later, you see it wadded up in between her cheeks and gums, its NASTY!)
Swimming Cora has down to a T.  She is ready for the Medley relay!! She loves loves LOVES swimming!! Going under water is no big deal at all for her.  She can tell when she's about to go under--its really cute.  She squints her eyes and closes her mouth, so great.  She also enjoyed the waterslide at the pool which we went down twice. 
Finally, diving--No, she didn't go off the diving board.  She didn't even dive in the pool.  Did you know diving is actually a bedroom sport?  It involves a high bed and a stupid mommy.  I put her down on the bed, too close to the edge, just for a second so that I could pick something up.  As soon as I go to pick her back up, she's diving face first off the bed onto the carpeted floor.  I'm talking a three foot diving bed, here.  She hit nose first and flipped over.  Thankfully, she was not injured except for a carpet burn from forehead to tip of nose.  She and I both cried for about 5 minutes and then calmed down.  We won't be participating in any diving for the rest of the summer, though.  Well, I might, off a diving board, but Cora certainly won't. 
For now, the only sport we'll be participating in today will be a sleep marathon.  Good night!