Friday, June 30, 2006

new church website

hey folks i know i haven't had a lot to say recently, been pretty busy. one thing I've been working on is our new church website. i've been getting it ready to go. We have some good folks based out of oklahoma doing our content management, but I've been working on the stuff that goes in it.

if you guys wouldn't mind; run over there and bang on it a little bit, so i can make sure there are no problems.

I showed a pastor friend across town how easy it was to use their interface and he signed up too.

Belly Buttons are Reversible

I thought I would be revolted if my belly button started to turn into an outie after all these years, but I'm actually kind of fascinated by it. I don't have a full outie yet, and may not get one. Right now, though, I can actually see the center of the thing again. Sometimes when I laugh or cough it pops out a little. Geron thinks I'm going crazy, I'm sure, because I like to go around the house studying it and how its changing. I like to push back on my stomache and make it stick out. I guess its been hiding for so long that I've just missed it. Standing up, I have maybe a quarter of an inch to go before its out; sitting down, its right on the surface. I know everyone has been concerned about my missing belly button, so I just wanted you all to know that I've found it.

On an entirely different note, does anyone know how long the crazy dreams last?

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I don't know who came up with this word, but I think its been mispelled. I would guess the "hor" part of the word is short for "HORRIBLE" and the "mones" part of the word should be spelled "moans". Because really, when you're hormones are in overdrive, they either give you horrible moans or create them for other people. Yes, you all guessed correctly, Psycho chick visitited today. She's gone again, though.

And, an update to a previous post:
Last night, Geron and I had dinner with his mom--his Dad's in Oklahoma this week. Well, while we were there, she let me pick a ring to wear until I can get mine back on. No nickel here, Mom, so don't worry.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

If you buy her this toy, she'll play with it at YOUR house

I was looking at baby toys in Penney's yesterday and saw a really cute butterfly. Everything about it was cute until I picked it up and realized its wings had that awful crinkly sounding paper in them. You know the sound--like the person behind you opening a candy wrapper really slowly in church. I CANNOT STAND THAT SOUND. I immediately put the butterfly back and moved on to another display of toys. MORE crinkle sounds. People, I will let you know now, that if a toy like that should make its way to our house, it will make its way to the back of the closet or to the nursery at church, or to Granny's or Yaya's or BACK to your house.

I don't know why I'm so sensitive to certain sounds. Even right now Geron is playing with a popsicle wrapper or some type of plastic wrap in the living room and it is driving me INSANE. Trips to the grocery store bring this irritation often--grabbing a bag of cookies off the shelf, hearing someone a foot a way holding a bag of chips and squeezing it as they read the fat grams or whatever off the back, etc.

Just know, its not in the baby's best interest to buy her a toy like this. Rattles, dolls, musical toys are fine--well, I'm sure they won't always be, but they will ALWAYS be better than a crinkle toy. Thanks for being a peace maker.

update on shane

hey check out this post on JP's blog for an update on shane.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Mommies of Bloggerdom, Unite!!

When you are given this question, how do you answer? Bubble bath or Sitz
bath? My mother-in-law and I were talking tonight about the first few days
home from the hospital after baby is born. She said she had to take sitz
baths three times a day to deal with the pain. Would any of you, especially
those of you who have given birth recently, like to explain or share what
your body was going through when you first came home from the hospital and
how you dealt with it? I'd really like to know. Ummm....try not to be TOO
sarcastic here. Afterall, I was nice enough to finally blog, right? Help
me out here, girls! (Mom, I know I said recent births, but I'd like to hear
your stories, too. You're probably the most experienced at giving birth out
of those who read this blog. )

Also, family helping out around the house when baby first comes home. Moms,
moms-in-law, dealing with all those visitors--how do you manage? Geron and
I were talking tonight about getting our roles established right away. How
do you let people who have come to help know that you appreciate them, but
you need to do certain things yourself or that you need some private time
alone with you, hubby and baby? Discuss.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Babies and Bladders aren't friends

I cannot tell you how many times I've been to the bathroom today. A little girl we will all meet soon really has a problem with my bladder invading her personal space and lets me know by kicking it as often as she can. For those of you who may not pay attention to the ticker at the top of our blog page, I'm about 7 months along right now. I've been told that at 9 months, the bladder will be really really tiny and that I will have to go even more frequently. I may have to invest in some Depends or duct tape together some of the diapers that are piling up in this house. Now my biggest fear is wetting my pants at school. Hey, then I'll really fit in with my kindergarteners!


I know that your thinking, " why would we care?"

One year ago today, when I first typed those fateful words that rocked the world, was my first blog post.

Warning: PG 13 rating according to the Wonderful World of Disney

Due to the possibility of some of our youth reading this, I'd like to keep our blog PG 13 Disney. The "P" is for all the frequent kicks I receive in the bladder reminding me that somebody needs more space in there. The "G" is for Geron because he's cute. The 13 is for all the labor and delivery talk. And finally, the Disney--I don't know if Disney has even MADE a movie that was PG 13--is for the language we use when we post and comment. Think about what Snow White would say. Grumpy Dwarf and Mr. Potato Head, from Toy Story, have been banned from posting comments on this blog as I don't know what kind of talk is going to come out of their mouths.

And thank you for not smoking.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Finally, the moment you've all been waiting for...the name!!! Actually, I really need to quit "crying wolf" here, or noone will believe me when I tell you her real name. For now, though, I think she wants to be called "Kicker" instead of "Baby Girl". She's really been active lately. I used to worry that she would be too laid back and sleep all the time and I wouldn't ever feel her move except for a few little brushes every now and then. Now, she moves tons! And its still exciting every time--I love it! Sometimes it feels like she's playing a game with herself--"How many times can I kick Mommy in a minute? I think a zillion." Maybe she's kick boxing, or running in place, or riding air bicycle. Those are her daytime games. At night, when I lay down for bed, she starts up again. "Maybe if I kick Mommy really hard, Daddy will feel it and know I want to play with him. Boom!Boom!Boom!Boom!Boom!" It doesn't hurt, just feels kind of funny. I think I will miss that when she's born, but playing with her in person will be soo much better! In the meantime, I'm still waiting to SEE movement. I think that will be amazing!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Duct Tape and Bungee Cords

I have fabulous friends! Yesterday, my very best friends in Richmond gave me a baby shower. It was wonderful!! (thank you, Holly, Sue E, Pam and Mel! I am so blessed to have you for friends!) I didn't know what kind of turnout there would be since we've been gone for almost three years now. Lets just say I was overwhelmed! We were part of an awesome church family there and I miss them dearly. We got lots of gifts for baby girl Brown--pretty pink and green blankets, adorable onesies and sleepers, a pretty diaper bag (yea!), sweet little gowns with matching bibs and bonnets, precious keepsakes, books, toys, and lots of other things. Our big gift that I know we will use OFTEN! was our Pack and Play. This came from the four mentioned above. I love it! Its like a playpen bassinet combo and it is WONDERFUL for travel. We also were given some real treasures from my mom and dad. Dad refinished my great granny's rocking chair for us to use in the nursery. Mom gave us a beautiful frame that was matted for 3 pictures. The first was of my granny as a baby, the middle was my mom as a babe, and the 3rd myself as a baby. Yes, I cried.

I think the biggest hit was Geron's Diaper Duty kit. My mother comes up with the funniest things! It was a box filled with "special tools" for changing diapers. Lets begin with the obvious. The diapers. Wipes, a bottle, a pacifier, a toy to keep baby occupied, a father's guide to parenting, and then came some disposable bags to put dirty diapers in, some rubber gloves, and earplugs, and a mask like you wear when you paint. Then, there were goggles like you wear for construction or lab work, duct tape, bungee cords, and finally, probably the best part--TONGS! I don't know where she comes up with this stuff, but we got a big kick out of it all!

We obviously had a great time visiting with old and good friends and family at the shower. We stayed the night with Pam and Roger, who are like family to us, as well. We stayed up visiting with them til about 11 talking about work, their funny grandson, and their recent anniversary trip to Hawaii. Dear dear friends.

It was very hard to leave Richmond. I wouldn't trade anything for the lasting friendships I've made there. No doubt baby girl will have a wonderful church family in Chattanooga, but also in Richmond.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

God knows what we can and can't handle

I think a miracle may have happened today. I posted about the air conditioner being broken. I was prepared to have to go to my in-laws or something for the rest of the weekend until we leave for Kentucky MOnday. I called our neighbor and finally got through around 9:00. She said she'd call someone to come fix it. I said "Please have him call before he comes because we are going out of town Monday and won't be back until late Tuesday afternoon. " She said, "Oh no, if I call, he'll come today." About 9:40 she called me back and said "He'll be there in 5 minutes." Thank you, Lord!!! I called Geron right away and told him to come home so he'd be here when the air conditioner man got here. It was fixed in NO time!

Last year, about this time, some church friends of ours had their airconditioning go out. I think it took them about two weeks to finally get it fixed. They stayed in a hotel for about a week and a half, if I'm remembering correctly. I think the Good Lord knows that I could not have handled that and saw to it that it was fixed right away. I can get ugly about things when I'm not pregnant, but seeing that I am and heat is one of the worst things to me right now, I'm pretty sure God sent that guy right over. And He also knew we're really looking forward to seeing Ben and Bekah this evening--they're staying the night-YEA! So, God is good--all the time and all the time--God is Good.

Greetings from the Hottest Place on Earth

I know I've mentioned to people throughout the last couple of weeks that I'd love to go to the beach. I haven't been in I don't know how many years now. SO, I'm at the beach---NO. I'm at home, on the computer, in a house that decided to fire its air conditioner. Yes, we are hot. I"m trying to call and get something done about it, but we're seeming to think that nothing will be done until Monday or Tuesday--while we're in Kentucky. In the meantime, I'm thinking of turning my tub into a swimming pool--filling it up with some nice cold water. Any reasons I shouldn't try this? If so, please respond immediately. A mommy-to-be and heat do not make good friends. I know this very well as I've taken cold showers for the last month or so. Yes, on purpose.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Angeligue and word confirmations

So, we've pretty much decided on a name, and I think, a middle name, too.
Both of which I like VERY much. Angelique is not one of those names. No, I
was just thinking about all the suggestions I've been given to use the
random words on the bottom of the blog comment pages as names and it
reminded me of something. One of my absolutely most favorite little kids
ever is named Angelique. She was in kindergarten this past year--probably
will be next year, too, love her heart. We worked hard trying to learn how
to write her name this year. If she could copy it off a sheet of paper,
she'd do okay. She might get a little lost and scramble the letters around
some, but at least she got the right letters. But when I'd tell her to
write it without looking, it was almost always spelled
"A-n-g-tsbvcclttbeaQ", or something like that. At least she knew enough to
throw the "Q" in somewhere. So, I think its a good idea that kids have
either shorter names, or nicknames, or they start learing to write when
they're two. This way they stand a chance of getting it right. Word
confirmations just won't cut it, unless you have a genius baby like C.J. or
Bryan, when he was a baby. (Well, I bet my brother was probably able to
spell 'Henry Kissinger' by the time he was 3, too. But genius babies don't
just pop up everywhere.)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Java refill

I should add, for my friend, Heather, that at the beginning of this pregnancy, I often felt the urge to puke at the smell of coffee. Our teacher's lounge always has coffee brewing in the mornings, and sometimes the coffee maker gets left on throughout the day. Smelling it in the morning was one thing, but smelling burnt coffee in the afternoon was much worse. I think it was probably the middle of the second trimester when I could start handling the smell of coffee again, and just lately I've started craving pretty much anything from Starbucks. I've yet to go, though.

Java Jive

After reading a friend's blog, I was reminded of something I have really missed since I started my transition to mommyhood. COFFEE. I just became a coffee drinker last summer. Oh, yes, I experimented with it as a kid. My dad would bring home his HUGE thermos of leftover coffee from the day--black and sweet. I'd drink the leftovers out of it--lukewarm, but back then that was good. Then, in college, I'd drink coffee with flavored cream in it to stay awake for late night study sessions or just because it tasted really good. Still not quite a regular coffee drinker. Well, last summer, I started helping Geron organize the music library at our church and needed something to wake me up in the mornings, so we'd stop at Mickey D's or Krystal for a pick-me-up. And by this point, I'm drinking it BLACK no sugar no cream no nothing. And its EXTREMELY GOOD.

When I found out I was eating and drinking for more than one person, I immediately laid off the caffeine. After about 4 months and the 2nd ultrasound, I started adding in a little here and there. Lately, I've been craving Starbucks and frappucinos. And yesterday, I had my first straight black coffee. It was a small, but it was absolutely delicious in every way. I know what you all are saying and decaf just doesn't cut it. So, I'm trying to be extremely patient while I wait for baby girl to arrive. And I'll probably have to keep waiting another 9 months before I can have it again. But when that day finally arrives, there will be a major celebration in Chattanooga and I will probably get arrested because the cops will think I'm taking PCP (pipe, Holly).

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

And the results are in---

I PASSED!!! I got a 98! I don't exactly what that is on a scale of, but 98 sure does sound like a great score to me! It means, for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, that I don't have gestational diabetes. YEA!!!!!! Now, perhaps my dear friend Holly could elaborate, being a nurse and sister of someone with diabetes, and explain what 98 means. Is this a blood sugar level or is it a percentile rating? Whatever it is, I sure do like it!

A new baby thing I think is happening--I think someone has the hiccups. I've noticed a regular rhythm that happened yesterday and today around the same time. Not for very long, just rhythmic. Either she has the hiccups or she wants to be a drummer. I think I could handle that if she turns out to be as good as our friend, Bryan, and later on, Archie. I'm telling you, Bryan is 10 and you people would be impressed! So, baby girl can follow after him if she'll practice like he does. Shoot, we might even move so she can take lessons from him. Heck, she could even marry him for that matter....OKAY! I admit I'm pushing it there, but she would have wonderful in-laws. Maybe we'll meet a younger version somewhere...

Enough dreaming. I passed the test! YEAAAAAAAA!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Let the spoiling begin!

I'm so excited!! Geron's mom and dad just brought us over the baby bedding for our nursery.  We chose--I should say Geron chose because I was going a little more of a blue shade of green--the perfect shade of paint to match.  We're so ready to put things up that we may go get the crib this weekend.  Anyway, just wanted to let you know the spoiling has begun--actually it begun in Georgetown, I think, because mom  and Dad's house is quickly filling up with baby stuff--toys, hats, bassinet, etc.  Either way, she doesn't stand a chance--or maybe we don't. 


Most of you guys know that i have been involved with youth ministry for many years now. And one of the great highlights is always youth camp in the summer. Yesterday some of my good friends from fbc richmond were at camp in Blue Ridge, Ga. A young man with their group from another church was pulled from the lake and given cpr. He was life-flighted to Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga and is in a coma. He is breathing on his own, but has not yet regained conciousness. His family has flown down to be with Him.

The groups have all decided to go back home, because many of the kids are upset, and rightfully so.

Please pray for shane the young man who drowned;
Jeff, Kevin and the other leaders of these two youth groups as they try to counsel teens;
and the teens as they deal with these feelings and emotions.

Romans 8:28 (NLT)
And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

Monday, June 12, 2006

I've had it! The wedding ring is coming off!

Makes it sound like Geron's in big trouble, huh? Actually, my hands are just swollen, so the ring is too tight. I've moved it to my pinky finger for now. Yesterday, Geron and I were discussing the situation with Geron's parents. His mother sells sterling silver jewelry, so I was talking about getting something from her catalog to wear until my hands return to normal. There's just something about not having a ring on that finger that makes me feel naked or exposed. I mean, I am a model afterall and I don't want any men checking me out thinking I'm a single pregnant hottie. HA!! You mommies reading this--what did you do about this issue or was it even an issue for you?

Oh, and one more thing. I had the nasty glucose test this morning. It was very much like drinking flat orange soda that had an extra cup of sugar added to it. I have a serious sweet tooth, but even I could barely handle this stuff. I'm going to check in tomorrow and see what the results are if they don't call me before then.

Friday, June 9, 2006

My funny husband

I'm glad I'm married to someone so hilarious! And I think right now,
everything is ten times funnier than before we were expecting. Well,
there's just that more to make fun of and laugh about now. I tell ya, God
showed his sense of humor when he brought the two of us together. And He
knew what I was going to need to get through this pregnancy without turning
into a psychotic monster. (Yes, I've had my moments, but it could be a lot
worse.) I didn't want to share a certain story when it happened, but now I
think its pretty fun to laugh about so here goes.

Let me say first, maternity clothes are made for growing room--all types of
maternity clothes are made for growing room, fellas. One particular day, I
was folding laundry. Geron was passing through as I was folding a certain
item of clothing and said, just like it was a normal thing to say "Those are
some BIG panties!" At first, I was in shock at what he said and he just
stopped right where he was standing and waited. He got this look on his
face like "Uh oh... Did I say that out loud? She's gonna kill me. She's
gonna burst into tears and start screaming and kill me." I just looked at
him not knowing what to make of what had just come out of his mouth and
then...I just busted out laughing. Right now I'm laughing so hard thinking
about it, I might just pass out! It amazes me what really grates on me and
what I'm able to let slide by.

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Not QUITE the right thing to say

Today, as we were walking out of the store, Geron told me that I didn't
carry my pregnancy wait like I was having a baby. Wait..did that make
sense? He was saying that I didn't look pregnant by the way I was carrying
my baby weight. So, I said, "So you're saying I just look fat?" "Its a
compliment" he replied. I didn't understand how it was a compliment and
still don't. I would much rather be told I look pregnant than fat. I mean,
if you've seen me lately, my tummy sticks out farther than my chest now,
quite a few inches to be exact. And I'm carrying high. Please tell me I
look like I'm going to have a baby. I like that, I really do. Being told I
look fat, which aren't the words Geron used, though it seemed that way to
me, is NOT what we want to hear. I think perhaps it all came up because I
was wearing a t-shirt (maternity, mind you) and shorts. And t-shirts just
aren't flattering anyway, and if they're large or baggy, they don't
accentuate anything so you probaby couldn't tell whether someone was
expecting or not. All this to say, just tell me I look like I"m going to be
a mommy. But be sure to stop after the baby arrives. Then, I will just be
fat and I won't want to hear it then, either.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

return of the geedi

I'm not typically political. I usually hate political discussion as a form of entertainment or letting everyone know how informed you are. I was a registered as an independant in KY, and it isn't required to register with a political party in TN. I come down on both sides of the aisle depending on the issue. However, in he past few months I have really been making myself aware of how the bigwhig hollywood types are affecting lawmaking in D.C.

I became aware of this group through my favorite podcast TWiT or "This Week in Tech". They are bringing much needed attention to legal issues that affect many of us geeks. I even went so far as to send them a donation. They have a really groovy way of getting the message out including,, and the "Your Senator Needs An Ipod" campaign. Check out their site.

...And now you know the rest of the story...

Yes, Geron got quite a few laughs at my expense last night. He didn't mention the relaxation part of the evening. We (the ladies) all had to lay down on mats and practice our breathing while the guys were supposed to give us back massages. The instructor said something like "ladies, breathe like you do when you're going to sleep" or something like that and Geron said loudly to everyone "I'm sorry. I apologize in advance." Thats when I realized why they had told us to bring TWO pillows to the class. One was to lay on and the other was to hit your husband with when he made comments like that. SO I POPPED HIM ONE! Two points for me! BAM!

The class was very informative and I felt pretty good about what I knew going in. Most of the things my friends have told me about having babies have been accurate. Some of you could probably teach the class...ahem, Holly... excuse me. I learned a little more about the epidural--a very good thing, mind you, and it actually doesn't go into the baby's blood stream like other meds can do. I'm thinking I'll definitely get one, but I'll try to wait a while before getting it.

Another thing I discovered in the class that is nice to have during labor is one of those large exercise balls. I sat on one last night and it was the most comfortable thing I've sat on in the last 6 months. I doubt if I'll buy one for home--you can breathe now, Geron. The hospital has them available, so I'll just get one when I check in. By the way, the hospital is wonderful from what I can tell. To quote Eddie in Christmas Vacation, "Real nice, Clark." I love the fact that it can all be done in one room. AND I really liked the sign outside the room that said
That was a very nice sign to see as I'd been a bit worried about Geron and his digital camera and cell phone with camera. He's been threatened quite a bit about taking pictures anyway.

Last--the XBOX story, I believe, is a myth. I'd been told that men could take their xboxes to play in the rooms, but the nurse who taught the class said she hadn't heard anything about such occurances. So, I guess Geron's stuck with the Ipod. Maybe I'll take my handheld Yahtzee game if I can find it. There's a VCR and stereo in the room, too, but who are they kidding? People don't really watch movies while they're in labor, do they? And after labor, they're too tired and too busy with baby to even dream of watching a commercial!

childbirth class

Last night Lydia and I went to our 4-hour childbirth class. It was pretty cool. We got to watch a video of a live birth. I got to see Lydia freak out as the video showed the delivery of the placenta. I think Lydia must have been really tired, because she kept asking questions that the teacher had just answered. for example:

Teacher: "any more questions?"

Lydia: "how far into labor can you get an epidural?"

Teacher: "good question, i haven't answered this yet. As far as 10cm dialated, as long as you can hold still for five minutes."

Lydia: "So how long does it take to get the epidural?"

Geron:(rolls eyes and giggles)

Teacher: "... uh about five minutes."

Near the end of the class we took a tour of the facility. It was sweet. Everything goes on right in the your room. It looks like a sweet high end hotel room, and then at the flip of a switch, hidden panels open and instrument panels are revealed everywhere.

Now to all of my critics...I obviously do not have time to blog as much as some of you do. Some of us have jobs that require a great amount time and attention to maintain.

employment + not having time to blog = GOOD

lots of time to blog + starvation = BAD

Sunday, June 4, 2006


We did it! We only painted one coat yesterday, but decided we liked it so
much that we're probably going to leave it that way. I didn't pass out from
the paint and I didn't wear a mask. But last night I was WORN OUT as was
Geron who pulled double duty painting and then setting the church sanctuary
back up after a wedding. We still have the trim work to cover, but Geron
and Pastor will do that when I'm out of the house. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!

Last night we went to Target and started looking at bedding for the queen
size bed and window treatments. Its really a lot of fun to redecorate.
(Especially when its two of my most favorite colors--pink and green!)

Those of you who I asked to volunteer to help, just joking of course. I
know you would if you were close. You are all wonderful friends who we know
we can count on when the going gets rough. Come see us when Baby Girl gets
here, okay?

Saturday, June 3, 2006

The Giant in our House

I know you all are saying "WHAT?" Today begins our big project--DUH! DUH! DUH!--PAINTING THE NURSERY!!! I think agreeing on the paint color was actually a bigger project than the actual painting. We finally picked a light green. Granted, we were both agreeing on light green before we even went to select the color. However, when we got to the store, there were so many different shades of it that I thought one of us wouldn't leave the store alive. But we both survived and today Geron has gone to pick up the paint. We're not doing anything fancy, yet. We may stencil on a border of some sort later, but for now everything will be a sagish type green with white trim.

Last night we tackled the guest room--moving the bed out, packing up the bookshelf, clearing all the other odds and ends out of there and finally the recliner. I had difficulty with that one and told Geron that I will NOT help him move it back into that room. So, anyone who'd like to volunteer for this position, please send me your resume. After moving everything out, we began work on the windows--they were NASTY--I'm talking about the window sills. I hadn't noticed because we keep the blinds down all the time in there and besides that, we don't spend that much time in there anyway. Geron worked hard on taping everything off, while I scooted around on the floor removing all the outlet covers. And this morning, I woke up to the sound of either sanding or sweeping down the walls or maybe both. Someone in this house is on the ball and its not me.

Some of you MAY be worrying about me painting, but rest assurred, I'll be fine. Paints used to contain a lot of lead, but that is not the case these days. In fact, I asked the Lowes guy yesterday which paint was the safest and he said that they all were safe now. Of course, we'll still take precautions such as:
1. Staying off ladders
2. Wearing a mask--I'll though I tried wearing it a while ago--suffocation!
3. Windows and door will remain open
4. Plenty of breaks to sit down and prop my hobbit feet up

I think that about covers it. Oh, and I won't be doing any of the cutting in. It takes me a long time to get back up off the floor once I've gotten down. And I can't bend over so well anymore, either, because my huge baby belly gets in the way.

In the meantime, our house looks a little crazy. Some things have been put in the garage, some in the attic, but my favorite part is the queen-size bed propped against the wall in the dining room. Very appetizing. It will go back into the nursery. When we have guests, baby girl can sleep in her bassinet and when she's bigger, hopefully a playyard.

So, pray for us today. And if you want to drive down from Kentucky or Chicago, over from Nashville, or up from Texas to help paint, you're more than welcome to! (HA!)

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Having a Baby 101

When I graduated from EKU I thought I was finished taking classes. I was wrong. I am now enrolled in a class which I'll never get college credit for--Childbirth Education. We're going this Monday to a four hour long class. The letter I got says to bring two pillows. Is this because I'm going to get to take a nap? Yes, I'm kidding. I know they're for Geron to fall on when he passes out from the delivery videos. Kidding again, people. I don't even know if there's going to be a video. I've seen it enough times in high school, though, so I don't really need to see one again.

I'm actually looking forward to this class since I've been feeling a bit anxious about delivery procedures and such. Granted, many of you have offered me words of wisdom and prayers on my behalf that have really given me a peace about what's coming. Thank you for that. I'm sure there are things I haven't even thought about yet that I will learn in this class. I hope they will give me some hand outs or something so that I can keep what I''ve learned afresh as the delivery date approaches. From what I understand, this class will encompass: stages of labor, relaxation and labor support techniques, hospital procedures, pain management options, after birth and home care for mom and in-hospital care for newborns. Can any of you think of something else I might want to learn about? I know breast feeding isn't included here, but they have a class in that, too.

We're going to go on a tour of the hospital soon, too. I have heard that its like staying in a hotel suite. Everything happens in your own room--delivery and all. Baby can even stay with us the whole time, if we want. But they have a holding nursery if we need some rest. Everyone has their own private room with an entertainment center and pull out couch for the hubby---some have taken their xboxes to play while the wife is in labor. We'll see how long Geron gets away with this. Actually, for those of you who think I'm serious, I KNOW Geron will be very good support for me in the whole delivery process. I must brag that I DO have a sensitive husband who knows whats really important. No doubt he will win an emmy for his excellent performance. (Geron, winning an emmy is a figure of speech here. So help me if you try to record anything in this room you will be a gonner!) Yeah, if the Prossers come down while we're still at the hospital, ProBro productions might play a few rounds of HALO 2. That won't bother me. Just as long as Geron and Dr don't sit down and start playing a round while the baby is making her way out.

Enough rambling. I'll let you know how the class goes.