Thursday, March 24, 2011

Name That Meal

See if you can guess what Cohen was eating that made him so messy.

Cohen: "Mommy, is that a bullfrog in your diaper?" Gotta love two-year olds! #morningrumble #quoteoftheday

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Birthdays and Butterflies

Today marks another year of my life completed, a little fuller than those past.  I am 36 years old today.  Is that old?  I haven't decided yet.

So, I spent the day with my best friend in the world, my hubby!  (Cora spent the night with YaYa and PaPa and Cohen hung out with Mrs.Ellen all day.) We did some shopping and headed to Big River Grill for lunch.  YUM, LOVE IT!  After lunch and more shopping, I picked up my favorite little boy in the world from day care and we all headed to the older Browns' for birthday steak and CAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!  

Much spoiling continued as I opened presents from Patsy and Preston and my beautiful little Cora. Preston and Patsy gave me a beautiful necklace, much like one my friend Arlene wears that I'd been admiring.  Its silver with a small coin and one behind it which is a little larger.  The small coin has Cohen's name on it and the larger says Cora.  Two little birthstone charms dangle in the center.  

I think hand-picked presents from children are the BEST of all.  Cora gave me two home-made Easter magnets, an Easter cannister (to be filled with candy for her, I'm sure is its intention) and BEST PRESENT EVER?? A BUTTERFLY CATCHER!  Its a bamboo rod, about 2 feet long, with a pink net on the end of it.  YaYa told me Cora had picked out several presents for me at the store, but when she saw this 'butterfly catcher', as Cora calls it, she OOOHED and AAAAHED over it and INSISTED it was the perfect present for me.  When I had arrived at YaYa's, Cora took me straight to the sun room to show me her gift and tried to get me to guess what the wrapped 'butterfly catcher' was.  She was VERY PROUD and I was VERY THANKFUL that she insisted on only the BEST for Mommy.  I'm sure it will be a topic of conversation for MANY years to come.  

By the way, can anyone tell me some uses for my butterfly catcher or know of a place where one can catch many butterflies?  

THANKS EVERYONE FOR MAKING THIS A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY!  And thank you, Cora Sophia (or Cora Sofunny as we like to say) for my perfect butterfly catcher!