Thursday, September 25, 2008

Back to School

I’ve taken almost every possible day I could take off with Cohen and now I am going back to work.  I wish I were going back to school instead but I haven’t figured out how to make that work financially yet.  So, for now, Cohen is going to the sitter’s and Cora to preschool.  It stinks, but I’m looking forward to adult conversation and getting to know a new group of kindergarteners. 


I am praising God for great babysitters.  The ladies who kept Cora for us will be keeping Cohen three days a week and our pastor’s wife will be keeping him the other two days.  I don’t doubt that Cohen will be well taken care of and loved.  I’m especially excited that both places have dogs, so Cohen can learn to appreciate animals.  Eventually we’d like to get a dog but in the meantime Cohen can play with LB, KC and Bailey. 


Please pray for us tomorrow as this will be the longest time we’ve been apart from each other. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Cora is learning to use good manners.  We’ve been pretty successful in teaching her to say please and thank you.  Granny and Grandpa even taught her ‘you’re welcome.’  One night I’d given Cora something and was trying to get her to say ‘thank you’.  I asked “What do you say?”  I think she was on manner-overload because I got a “Please! You’re Welcome!” in return.  She’s also picked up “excuse me” which she uses consistently when she is trying to get by someone.  Still needs work on using it after a belch or toot. “Bless you” is also something we’ve been working on.  Cora will bless you after a sneeze as well as proceeding hiccups, toots, and belches.


Most recently, we have been trying to teach Cora “yes, ma’am” and “yes sir”.  Like most little ones, Cora hasn’t quite got gender specification down yet.  She often says “yes, ma’am, Daddy” and “yes, sir, Mommy”.  Last night I got really tickled when Geron was trying to be serious with Cora and she said very solemnly “yes sir ma’am.”  I guess we have a ways to go there, but it sure is fun watching her learn.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Tonight, the kids and I decided to play in the backyard after dinner.  Well, Cohen didn’t actually play…but anyway.  Cora has a swingset with a slide and seesaw attached.  As I was holding Cohen, I wasn’t able to push Cora on the swing, but we did seesaw some in a round-about way.  And she could climb the ladder to her slide and go down by herself.  (Don’t worry, Dad, I held her left hand as she slid so that she wouldn’t get it caught.)  Cora really needed this time outside tonight and I needed to spend it with her. 

So, while we were outside enjoying the slide, I tried to teach Cora how to say ‘slide’ properly.  She always says “Pwide.”  (she also says “pimb” for climb…I don’t know why she says either of them the way she does.)  Cora would go up the ladder and then say “Pwide!” and slide down.  In an attempt to correct her I said “Slide, Cora.  Say ‘s-s-s-sssslide’.”  Cute as ever, Cora piped up “s-s-s- PWIDE!” 


We’ll work on it again another day.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

One of THOSE parents

Pre-kids, I used to watch children run all over the place in church and swear up and down that I wouldn’t be one of THOSE parents who let their children act that way…


Enter:  Cora Sophia Brown

Enter:  Pastor Matt


Exit:  Former frame of mind


I love our church!  My daughter is one of those kids that runs all over the place.  So is the Pastor’s 3-year-old son and so are lots of other kids in our church.  And it’s all good.  My daughter is one of those kids that, on the rare occasion she gets to sit with us in a church service, yells to people she knows…dances on stage during the children’s Christmas program and during children’s Sunday school promotion…gives high-fives after PaPa says “amen” during her baby brother’s dedication…


Yes, I’ve become one of those parents.  AND I’ve found out that it’s not a bad way to be.  Especially in our church.  Thing is, if you’re going to let your kids run and act like kids, where better to do it than the church?  Our church loves kids and wants them be themselves.  Jesus loves kids and wants them to be themselves.  He’s the one who said “Let the children come to me.” 


Our new pastor will tell you that our church is changing and that it has nothing to do with him.  Yes, God is doing the changing AND Pastor Matt, if you’re checking this, He’s using you to help bring those changes.  I am excited about the direction our church is growing in.  I didn’t mean to say “growing”, but that’s the truth of the matter.


I recently read an article in one of Geron’s worship magazines about what the church should be.  It was referring to the New Testament church in Acts 2:42-47.  I went home and read more about that church and God convicted me.  I’ve played a role in church most of my life.  I’ve always played the piano for something, sang in some sort of choir, been involved in a Sunday School class or Bible study group.  In college, I spent several summers doing missions in various places.  I feel like Paul, sort of, saying all these things that if anyone has reason to boast about being a church member, it was me.  BUT HEAVEN FORBID that I continue my life in this way.  Granted all of those things I have participated in are good.  In 1 Corinthians 13 (the love passage) God’s Word says that no matter what good I do, if I don’t have love, I am nothing.  All those things I mentioned doing above, a lot of them were out of a sense of duty more so than love.  The New Testament church in Acts—those people had LOVE for each other.  I want to be that kind of person, that kind of church member.  I’ve got a ways to go.  I have never been very outgoing, but that may be what God is requiring of me now.  I want people that come to Grace church and those that I encounter in my everyday life to remember me as someone who loves the Lord and who loves them. I want people who come to Grace church to feel like they are part of a family of believers who loves them just as they are, even with hyper active children. You who are my friends and are reading this, please hold me accountable to be who God is calling me to be and not settle for less, even when it’s harder to do the right thing.


I am one of THOSE parents who lets their kid run around in the church building and be a kid.  I am one of THOSE parents who is starting to see what matters most is that her child and other children are LOVED and free to be who God is creating them to be.  I want people to love my kids and help teach them that they are valuable to God.  And I want to be one of THOSE people who does that for other people’s children.  How about you?

Friday, September 19, 2008

I need more...

Cora recently learned a new phrase and is using it on an everyday basis now.  I think our friend, Jenna, may have taught it to her because the night she kept the nursery was when we first noticed Cora saying it.  “I need more” she said.  Not just “Pweez”, “Cora bite” or “Cora have it” but decipherable English and correct grammar “I need more”. 

As we were on the road this past week, Cora put her new phrase to good (and cute) use quite frequently.  “I need more water, Mommy.”  “I need more Gatorade, YaYa.”  “I need more French fries, Daddy.”  On the way home, out of the blue, Cora said “I need doughnut, Daddy.  I need doughnut, PaPa.  I need doughnut, YaYa.”  We, of course, found it pretty amusing and did NOT get her a doughnut—she certainly didn’t need more of those. 


The kicker came at Wednesday night bedtime.  Our immediate family was sleeping in the living room at Geron’s great-aunt’s house.  We had an air mattress on the floor for Cora, and Geron had stretched out beside her on it.  They said bedtime prayers, gave hugs, high-fives, etc.  Geron gave her a sugar and then one of those sweet, precious, unforgettable moments happened.  The kind of moment that makes your heart melt…you want to hit the rewind button on the remote…you want to make time stand still.  A precious little groggy voice said “I need more sugar, daddy.” 


“I need more sugar, Daddy.”  I’m just Mommy and it didn’t happen to me, but I still caught a glimpse of sweetness and it gives me hope.  As I watch Cora grow and go through the phase the world refers to as “terrible two’s”, I hold on to this moment as tightly as I can because it’s proof that there is still a loving little girl somewhere behind the defiant personality.   I will continue to hold on to this moment for years to come…I have a feeling it will be an incredible source of strength when we hit the pubescent stage of life. 


“I need more…”  I don’t stop to consider often enough how the Lord uses our children to teach us.  So simply and boldly Cora comes to us and says “I need more…” and if it’s good, we give it to her without hesitation.  We want to give Cora good things and lots of them.  How much more does God want to give us?  All we have to do is ask.  What do you need more of?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Royal Mess

Tonight I attempted to fix a problem that Cora had been having with her hair/scalp.  She has had cradle cap lately.  I read on line that it could be treated by rubbing Vaseline or baby oil on the scalp an hour before shampooing to loosen the scales.  Mind you, this was recommended for babies and Cora isn’t a baby anymore AND Cora has a LOT of hair.  So, tonight, I, not thinking about the consequences, tried the Vaseline treatment. 


I used a LOT of Vaseline.  It worked.  The scales came right up.  I shampooed her hair several times with baby shampoo.  Then, I shampooed it with Palmolive.  The Vaseline would NOT come out.  She had the yuckiest mess of hair.  She looked like she should be singing “Go, Grease Lightening!”  Geron and I had a little fun with her oily hair before sending her to bed.  I’ll post pics when we download them. 


While the Vaseline was a successful treatment for removing the scaly patches on her head and it made for some fun and games with Mommy, Daddy and daughter, I now have a royal mess on my hands.  Does anyone know how to get Vaseline out of hair and does anyone know a better remedy for cradle cap should it develop in the future?  Please help! 

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Saving Doughnuts

Sunday morning, a friend of ours brought doughnuts to church and included some of our favorites in the batch.  Sunday evening, there was a box leftover with one of each of our favorites and a glazed.  As we were about to leave the church, I took the blueberry one out and split it amongst the pastor’s daughters and myself.  Then, Geron gave the glazed to one of the girls as well.  He saved his old-fashioned for home. 


When we got home, Geron put the box of one doughnut on the counter and we went to the living room to sit down and unwind.  Awhile later, as we were into BIG BROTHER, Cora walked into the living room eating a doughnut.  We looked at each other as to say “Did you give her that?”  Geron took the doughnut away from her and took it back to the kitchen.  He put it back in the box and moved it to the top of the stove.  He and Cora came back to the living room and he sat down and reclined in his chair.  Cora continued to play as we returned to finding out who Dan would nominate for eviction. 


A little while later, Cora came into the living room again with THE doughnut.  She piped up so brightly “I got it, Daddy!  I got your doughnut!” as she ate it in front of him.  He asked “Cora, should you be eating Daddy’s doughnut?”  Sweetly, she answered “YEAH!”  (By this time I was practically rolling on the floor in tears from laughing so hard.) This time, instead of taking the doughnut—what was left of it—back to the kitchen, Geron went ahead and ate it.  I think he gave Cora a piece. 


I need to have her determination!  Things out of her reach, she doesn’t consider out of her reach until she’s tried everything possible to obtain them.  God uses her to teach me every day and often I don’t recognize Him doing it.  Thanks for the lesson, Lord.  And Cora, keep your hands off the doughnuts!



Disclaimer: For any of you who are concerned that Cora didn’t have any doughnut, she had some bites of one at church earlier and also ate quite a bit of the one she’d confiscated. 

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sleep Talking/Walking

I probably started talking in my sleep the week I was born, really.  All I know is my parents, my middle school Sunday School teacher, my college friends, and my husband can all testify to crazy things I’ve apparently said and even done in my sleep.  This week’s rest time was no exception.


I, being the very sound sleeper that I am, have tended to sleep through Cohen’s crying spells until Geron has practically kicked me out of bed to check on him.  One night this week, I got up with the baby and sat on the side of my bed rocking the baby.  The baby just would not stop crying.  Geron asked me what was wrong and said I replied “I don’t know where Cora’s bottles are.”  That prompted him to sit up in bed and see what was going on.  He said “Lydia, wake up!”  THE BABY I thought I was rocking and patting was my pillow.  Cohen was crying in his bassinet/play yard.  Needless to say, I quickly got up and fed him after that. 


And that wasn’t the only night this week…another evening I got up after Geron shoved me awake.  The baby kept crying and Geron said “What’s the matter?”  “I can’t find Cora.”  Again, he had to make sure I was awake and then I was able to care for Cohen. 


It’s a very good thing Geron works in town.  I would never make it as a single mom.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Family Togetherness

Here's a pic of the whole gang at Cora's most recent birthday party. We
had one at Chucky Cheese two/three weeks ago and then had another one at the
park this past weekend. It was nice having the whole family together for
once. My brother lives in the Chicago area and my sister and her husband
are in Franklin, just outside of Nashville. Ganny and Gimpaw (as Cora calls
my parents for now) live straight up I-75 about 5 hours away, in Georgetown
KY. So, yeah, it's not often that we all are together.

Cora is actually holding a piece of sidewalk chalk in this picture, but it
looks like she's using it as a microphone. Pretty much anything that
resembles the shape of a microphone, she will use as one. At home, it's the
toilet paper holder. I'm not sure whether I like it or the chalk better, as
she puts both in her mouth. AND YES, she actually has 2 real microphones at
home which also go in her mouth.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Sky Clouded Up and Rained On My Sunshine

We had a HORRENDOUS evening. I don't know what happened to Cora, but at 6 or 7 last night, she started whining and got progressively more upset. Neither Geron nor I could figure out what was wrong.

We tried several tactics to calm her. I put Cohen down and offered to hold her. She was not interested. Geron offered to hold her and take her to the potty. She went but was still upset. I put her in the bath--Cora is CRAZY about taking baths!--She stayed in long enough for me to wash her hair and then was fussing again, wanting out. I got her dressed and Geron put the Wonder Pets on for her. She held all of her Wonder Pets and watched the episode in a trance. Finally, she seemed to be okay.

At bedtime, Cora acted like her usual self and we thought we had made it through her rough spell unscathed, well, shuffled a little bit. We were wrong. Around midnight or so, we woke up to crying from her room. (Geron woke up, I should say..I am a very sound sleeper.) He was up on and off with her at least five times or so before 2 o'clock. Exhausted, he got back to sleep, I think. The next time she woke up, it was my turn. I got up on and off with her and finally ended up laying on her bed for a time. She would sleep, sit up and cry, lay back down and sleep again. When I thought she'd made it back to sleep, I went to bed. The evening wasn't over. Again, Geron got up with her and ended up giving her some medicine which I think finally helped her get some sleep.

As I post, it is 8:45 a.m. and Cora is still not up. I checked on her to make sure she was okay. Sound asleep. For a little girl who normally goes to bed at 9 and wakes up at 6:45 or 7, this is unusual. Even when she goes to bed late, she still wakes up at dark thirty. Please pray for Cora today, and us as we sleepwalk through our routines. I think Cohen is the only one in our house who got his usual amount of sleep. He's just fat and sassy. (Guess I shouldn't call a little boy 'sassy'.)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I am praising Jesus tonight for good results today.  Cohen’s doctor called this afternoon and said the ultrasound was once again NORMAL.  Thank you all for your prayers today.  God is good!


Today we are taking Cohen to have an ultrasound on his head.  His pediatrician hasn’t given us any cause to worry.  Cohen has a small bump on the back right side of his head which has bothered me some.  The doctor had a name for what he thought it could possibly but I have forgotten it.  Doc told us it could be the possible reason for why his bilirubin count was so high.  Whatever the case, we hope to find out something today.  Our ultrasound is basically, and hopefully only, a follow-up to all the tests we had this summer. 


Please keep us as well as the ultrasound techs and doctors in your prayers today.  I was not a worrier pre-kids, but have been a major one since.  I know the Bible tells us “Do not worry” and I have verses/promises that I hold on to for this very reason.  Last night the Lord gave me another one to help me through this day…

After Jesus heals many in Matthew 8…

                Vs.17 “He took up our infirmities and carried our diseases.”

The Lord is concerned about my children and loves them more than I ever could in all my years combined.  I trust Him to take care of Cohen and Cora and find my hope in Him today that we will be okay.