Wednesday, October 22, 2008

we call him "Moose"

So It's been a little while since we updated you on Cohen, He's doing pretty good. We had him at the Doctor yesterday, and he topped the scales at over 17 lbs. I would say he's a chip off of the old block, but he's more of a chunk off the old block. Now for your viewing pleasure. Let the Awe's begin...

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kiss my what?

Tonight, after saying her bedtime prayers, Cora laid back on her bed, kicked her legs up in the air and said “Kiss my butt. Kiss my butt, Daddy. Kiss my butt!” We totally lost it…and then realized she wasn’t saying what we thought she was saying at all. Cora can’t make the “f” sound yet…remember ‘pish’ and ‘hi-pibe’? Apparently she wanted Geron to kiss her FOOT.

i need more...

Okay, I know I posted about needing more awhile back. Here’s a new one and I’ll keep it brief. Cora loves veggie tales, so today she came in the living room and said “I need more larry and bob!”

Monday, October 6, 2008

Fun with our 2-month check-up

Today Cohen had his 2-month check-up and along with that, shots.  5 of them.  When we gasped at the amount of shots our baby was going to have today, the good doctor said “It beats Polio.”  Thanks for putting things into the proper perspective, Doc!  I’d forgotten what a pitiful cry a 2-month-old could have when someone is continually sticking needles in their legs.  I’d forgotten what a pitiful cry a 31-year-old man could have when someone is sticking needles in his infant son’s legs. No, Geron didn’t really cry.  I didn’t cry either.  While I certainly felt pity for my precious baby boy who was bawling in pain, I also felt kind of numb. We’ve seen Cora go through so much worse already in her short two-years and compared to her numerous catheterizations, blood work, and spinal tap, well, this was a walk in the park.  Still, we comforted him as best we could and gave him some Tylenol for relief.


Cohen has slept all evening, maybe awake for 30 minutes at the most, and broke out into the most awful wail while I changed him into his p.j.’s.  After a second dose of Tylenol, we were finally able to calm him enough to put him in his crib.  I expect several wake-up calls throughout the evening, though. 


As for my constant worrying over the past few weeks of whether Cohen was getting enough to eat, I’d say I’ve been pretty foolish…and blind.  Everyone who sees him comments on how big he is getting and asks what I’ve been feeding him.  One lady asked if I gave him Miracle Grow.  You’d also think that wearing size 3-6 months clothes at 2 months of age would be a good sign that the baby’s had plenty.  But I’m kind of a “Thomas”.  I need something to put my hands on.  So, today, we put him on the scale in the doc’s office and our baby boy weighed in at a whopping 15 lbs and 9 ½ oz.  I’d say he’s good. 


I’m going to hit the hay now.  This, 10p.m., is actually a little late for me these days since I get up at 5a.m. every day now.  So, pray for an extra dose of energy for me tomorrow.