Tuesday, August 30, 2005

stuff i like

one of my favorite blogs that I check every monday is the Perry Bible Fellowship. It's a very sick and twisted weekly comic strip that I find oddly amusing. Not everything there is exactly PG rated, so read at your own risk. Here's one of my favorites.

Monday, August 29, 2005

monday monday

Watched VMA's last night. Keeping tabs on the massive storm tearing up the deep south. Moving offices around and tearing up carpet in prep for new carpet being laid tonight. Knee still hurts. Sad because one of my favorite blogs, Heat Damage, went belly up. Listening to the new podcast of TWiT even as I type. Don't have much time, gotta get back to work.

Friday, August 26, 2005

foto friday

Before you all think I've been vandalizing local houses of worship, you should go check out http://www.churchsigngenerator.com .

I hurt myself tuesday, and have been laid up with a bum knee and back. My posting has been kind of inconsistent of late.

Due to the spam this blog has been reciving in the comments, I am having to delete certain comments of a commercial nature. Consequently, I may have to turn on word verification for commenting.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

humpday haiku and other stuff

hai·ku def: A Japanese lyric verse form having three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables,traditionally invoking an aspect of nature or the seasons.

Heater sent me this
I guess I'll participate
Don't quite get tagging

I do this with serious reservations, but I value my relationships. Next thing you know I'll have a mood indicator and a froogle wishlist on the blog.

heater Tagged Me

10 years ago: 10 yrs ago, I was convincing my parents I needed a semester off before I began college, and it wasn't really necessary to get a job, because I was trying tio find myself.

5 years ago: 5 yrs ago I was just getting adjusted to sharing a bed, marriage, and had just began working at FBC Richmond

yesterday: I went to work and installed a projection screen in the sanctuary, and somehow managed to injure my back and right knee, so todaI'm'm hobbling around like an old man

5 snack I enjoy: Cottage Cheese. Pepperjack, PopTarts, Peanut Butter M&M's, Reece's Cups

5 song I know all the words to: "the Chicken Dance", "Happy Birthday", "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing", "Great is Thy Faithfullness", and "Church" by Lyle

5 things i would do with 100 million dollars: buy a descent vehicle, get a tummy tuck, invest in jello, buy new underear, buy things from my wishlist

5 place I would run away to: a cave, the beach, Krystal, Starbucks, the Library

5 thing I would never wear: a thong, fishnet shirt, anything with St Louis Cardinals on it, a pinky ring, daisy dukes

5 tv shows that I love: Lost, Survivor, Big Brother, Alias, and Lingo

5 bad habits: picking my nose in traffic, wiping it in obscure places, sticking my hands in obscure places, finding things that were previously left, crack

5 biggest joys: My God, My Wife, My Family, My Job, My Computer

5 favorite toys: Camera, Mp3 Player, TiVo, Xbox, rubber Chicken that ejects an egg from rectum when squeezed

4 people I'm tagging: Saddam, Kim-Jong, Osama, Pat Robertson

Monday, August 22, 2005

school daze

Hey homies, I know most of you are EKU BSU peeps, So I figured it might be a good idea to spread the 411 on homecoming 2005 here. EKU Homecoming is Saturday, September 24th. The BSU stuff starts at 10:00 and the game is at 3:00 against Tennessee Tech. Lydia and I are planning on being there and it would be good to see a lot of you guys there. We got a letter this past week about the events and festivities. If you aren't on their mailing list you may want to give them a call and update your info.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

braves game

Yesterday a group from the church including Lydia and myself went to Atlanta to see the Braves take on the Padres. On the way there we got stopped in Atlanta traffic. Apparrentlty a man was threatening to jump off of an overpass. Get the story here. Once we got to the game it took about thirty seconds sitting in the outfield bleachers for me to realize what bacon must feel like when it gets cooked. It was roasting. I guess the temp in the stadium was around 100 degrees. I was fine as long as I was sitting, but when I went to get more water, I almost passed out. So I gave up my choice seat and went and sat farther up in the stands in the shade with all of the women and children. The ushers had been instructing people with kids to sit in the upper levels and I joined them. Round about the fourth inning the aforementioned overpass jumper traffic arrived at the game and wanted their seats wich were being occupied by heat exhausted women, children, and fat people. It was a scene. The braves lost by a grand slam in the top of the 13th inning.

This was my first Braves game. Turner field was great. The seats were a little small, but that's my problem. As a loyal Cubbies fan, I faithfully resisted the urge to do the Indian tomahawk chop thingie every other minute with all of the other lunatics. It was a good day thanks to copious ammounts of spf 48.

Friday, August 19, 2005

foto friday

NASCAR fans are scary

Thursday, August 18, 2005

happy b-day bro

Yesterday was my big brother Sean's birthday. He's always been a good brother...well mostly. He always got to do things before I did because he's 4 1/2 years older than me. He got His license, got to wear all the clothes that were handed down to me , and choose how to get his hair cut first(jess was a great barber recommendation). The advantage of this was that he showed me some of the secrets and pitfalls in life before I could experience them firsthand. It was my brother that taught me that a wadded up piece of tinfoil works just as well as a BB if your gonna shoot somebody point blank in the leg. It was him that taught me that knives are forbidden weapons to pull during trampoline karate matches. It was him that taught me that a empty mountain dew can and a steady hand will suffice if dad won't stop at a rest area. And it was my brother that taught me that drill bits get really hot when you use them for extended periods of time. They will even burn the flesh off your neck. Most of these lesson have left mental and physical scars on me, but they were lessons well learned. Thanks for the years of imparted wisdom.

Happy Birthday Brother
(I'm sorry mom always made us dress alike.
You didn't deserve that, and neither did I.)

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

humpday haiku

hai·ku def: A Japanese lyric verse form having three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables,traditionally invoking an aspect of nature or the seasons.

This weeks haiku is about something I watch on TV. Feel free to post your own on your viewing habits.

I have addiction
The TV calls it Lingo
I must watch nightly

If your completely clueless right now you probably don't watch enough of the game show network.

Monday, August 15, 2005

pk in nashville

friday and saturday I went with a group of guys from church to Promise Keepers in Nashville. We had a good time. I had never been to a pk event, and it was different than I had expected. I don't consider myself a macho man. I don't hunt, fish, or watch sports 24 hours a day, but I do like to scratch and belch a lot. Somehow I had a good time in spite of my obvious lack of machismo. We got to hear some great speakers and the worship band was pretty good too. It was awesome to see 15,000 men with their hands lifted high praising God. We wrapped it all up with a trip to Joes crab shack. mmmm barbecue dungenes crab legs.

One of the unexpected highlights was getting to see my boy Dave. Things seem to be going well for him and Sara, and I really miss getting to hang out with that negro( if you knew Dave you'd get it).

Thursday, August 11, 2005

my dream

I'm what I call a "boring dreamer". My wife is one of those "technicolor dreamers". She remembers the smallest details about every part of her dreams. On the other hand if you ask me what I dreamed, I might remember being cold or warm, but typically don't remember anything.

The other night I had one of those vivid dreams. I was being chased by a wild animal. No it wasn't a lion, tiger, or bear. It was a duckodile! It had the body of a duck and the bill was the snout of a crocodile. It was chasing and snapping at me. I woke up trembling just as it finally caught me and its long teeth were sinking into my leg. When I told Lydia what I dreamed she just laughed at me. Most people I have told about the dream say that I'm crazy.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

one of my fav blogs

Hey guys I've been reading over at SHLOG for some time now. My buddy Ben is a friend of Shauns and turned me on to his blog. If you haven't checked out his White Flag CD, you should. It's all based on the beatitudes and very cool.

humpday haiku

hai·ku def: A Japanese lyric verse form having three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables,traditionally invoking an aspect of nature or the seasons.

why is it so hot?
my van A/C does not work
underwear always melting

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

finally...a good excuse

I read this article today and felt relieved. I always get accused of not listening to my wife, and now I know why.

it says: "The female voice is actually more complex than the male voice, due to differences in the size and shape of the vocal cords and larynx between men and women, and also due to women having greater natural 'melody' in their voices. "This causes a more complex range of sound frequencies than in a male voice."

This might explain why I have trouble understanding my wife

Friday, August 5, 2005

foto friday

one of my favorite things to do is browse the web for interesting photos. Thhis week I found this. Can you say, "Wedgie"

btw: it took forever when we posed for this. :)

Thursday, August 4, 2005

things that will get you hit

While reading this post, it will help you understand my tone if when you see "stuff like this" you imagine I'm using a very sarcastic tone and doing the "finger-quotes" thing.

I'm a pretty non-violent person. In fact, a lot of people would probably even consider me a "wuss". I'm not completely sure that they are all wrong. If you really want to see the inner beast that normally lays comatose in some dark corner of my mind be released into the glaring sunlight, there a few things that will definitely awake him from his slumbering. You can call them "pet peeves", "annoyances", or even "things that will make Geron hit you". I have plenty, but today I'll mention two.

#1 the thing that annoys me most is gross mouth noises. Let me clarify: Gum chewing, loud food chewing, slurping, lip smacking, gum popping, etc. Last night in bible study a sweet and wonderful woman sitting next to me was thoroughly enjoying her chewing gum. The longer she chewed, the louder it got. My mind began racing as the sound got louder and I thought to myself, "Can't anyone else hear this?" Finally after about 30 minutes I turned to her and said, "If you don't stop smacking that gum I'm going to lose it!" She laughed and spit it out. This was a smart move on her part because the links in the chain holding the inner beast back were starting to weaken and give.

#2 People that go on and on about the great value of a "Christian Education", and if you don't have the "privilege" to go to a private school or university your pretty much worthless. I have heard all of the arguments. There's the "My university is great because all the teachers are Christians" argument, and the old "we don't want all those mean old atheist professors trying to brainwash our youngins", as if all the staff at Christians schools were "Christian" and all the staff at secular school were "pagan" . My favorite argument is the "I know it that it's four times as expensive, but excessive debt teaches young people a great life lesson". I went to a "Christian" school as a child and saw behavior that didn't match up with what they supposedly believed. I think it may have "scarred" me a little.

By the way, special thanks go out to the army of teachers that went through the school library with magic markers and drew "appropriate" clothing on all of the natives in the National Geographic magazines. It really helped my young and fragile mind.

No, I'm not kidding. It really happened.

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

humpday haiku

hai·ku def: A Japanese lyric verse form having three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables,traditionally invoking an aspect of nature or the seasons.

stomach is rumbling
I wish Quiznos was closer
subway really sucks

The only Quiznos in "The Chatt" is way across town. And unfortunately, the sandwiches at Subway continue to get worse. A couple a weeks ago I went to subway and got the seafood sensation sub.This is my usual fare at the subway. It tasted like cold dog turds spread with mayonnaisee. I could only eat a few bites before i quickly lost my appetite. Do you understand how serious that is? An hour later as I hunkered over the throne of contemplation screaming in pain from the burning coming from my most nether-regions I realized that it was probably the spoiled subway. Today I get cold chills if I even looks at a subway as I pass.

Monday, August 1, 2005


no not that kind of regularity

life seems to be returning to normal. Today, typically my day off, I got up and went to work. For once it was because I wanted to, not because I had things to do. Monday is payday here. Most of the trips are over for a while and everything seems to be settling down. Lydia is gearing up for a return to school. This year she will be fulltime at Dupont Elementary.

I'm sure this temporary lull in life will soon be over. We found out Saturday that Lydia's sister Ann is now OFFICIALLY engaged. She will wed a wonderful guy named Daniel who is originally from India. So a wedding will be planned soon, and knowing Ann and Daniel, I'm sure it will be interesting