Saturday, November 26, 2005

headin' home

Lydia and I are headed home after surviving another Thankshgiving. We're cruising south on 75 with a car full of Ale8 and Candleberry candles. While in Georgetown we celebrated Lydia's dad's 60th birthday, which will be Monday. We also saw the new movie about Johnny Cash called Walk the Line. It was good, but I'm not sure Lydia enjoyed it. It was a small theater and her mom kept talking out loud while her dad was singing along with most of the songs. So she was kind of on edge. At one point Lydia's mom hollered out "THAT'S ELVIS!!!" It was loud enough for most of the theater to hear it, and I think Lydia wanted to crawl under the seat and hide. I had a good time, and I love my family. They are one of a kind. Hope your holiday was good. After we get home this afternoon we're planning on putting up our Christmas decorations.