Wednesday, November 29, 2006

a beautiful girl

cora made my day yesterday!  she was having a fussy spell and seemed to be hungry, so i went to the kitchen to fix her a bottle.  As I came back into the living room, shaking her bottle, she looked up at me and gave me the most beautiful smile I have ever seen.  Its like she knew exactly what I was doing for her and was grinning as if to say "thank you, mommy, for reading my mind." I am blessed beyond measure to have such a darling baby!
Cora is feeling quite a bit better.  Her appetite is pretty much back to normal and she doesn't seem to be sleeping as much.  She has an ear infection, but is on meds for it, and her cough is improving. 
I think she is missing her buddies.  Her babysitter gives us pictures quite frequently of things Cora does at her house.  One of Cora's best friends appears to be a black and white spaniel named Bailey.  We have a sweet picture of the two snuggled up together on the couch with Cora's arm wrapped around Bailey's front leg.  They are good buds.  I was showing her the picture and Cora clicked her tongue at it.  This is significant because TonTon, Cora's sitter, clicks her tongue at her and the only times that I've heard Cora click is when I showed her this picture and when i mentioned TonTon to her.  For the rest of the week, Cora is hanging out with Granny til we know she isn't contagious.  She and Granny are having fun together--they're good buds, too.
Please continue to pray for her as she recovers.  Love to all!


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys! I will definitely be praying for Cora and for you all. I had no idea this was happening since I don't have a computer at home right now, and haven't been able to check it at work uch either. So... needless to say, I will start praying right away! I love you guys and miss you!