Thursday, November 30, 2006

Is That Beard Real?

So Cora is doing a lot better, her appetite has returned with a vengeance and the cough is gradually going away. She is in a new phase where she is really doing good at recognizing voices and faces. and she is starting to really grin a lot. We took her out tonight for the first time since her overnight stay in the hospital last week. Granny has been here all week, and has been a HUGE help. Tonight after a dinner we did a little shopping at the mall. We bought our first christmas gift of the season, and who knows, it may be for one of you. We bought a new dress for Cora, and few other odds and ends. I Pushed the stroller most of the night, and everyone kept telling me what a beautiful baby she was. Several people saw Cora drinking from her podee and wanted to know where they could get one. We just couldn't pass up taking a picture with Santa when we saw that there was no one in line waiting. Cora was pretty tired and didn't give us her best grin, but overall she did a pretty good job.

Thanks for all your prayers for the little one. We are blessed to have good friends like you guys.


Tooz said...

What did Cora ask Santa for?

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Glad to hear she's feeling better!

Anonymous said...

hey Cora this is ur bestest pal, Lauren! I cant wait 2 c u at church this sunday nite!