Monday, December 18, 2006

She grows and grows and grows

Our little pumpkin seems to be getting rounder and more curious every day. She's up to about 15 lbs now, I'm just sure of it, maybe fatter. I like to call her the stay-puff marshmallow baby. If you saw the rolls on her fat little legs, you'd understand why. Her hair is finally starting to grow back in, too. No real signs of curl yet, pretty much stick up straight fuzzy kind of stuff right now.

Cora's starting to show real interest in her surroundings now. She loves ceiling fans and blinking lights. Her newest favorite thing is her "exersaucer", the modern-day walker, but stationary type thing. Geron put it together for her last night and we put her in. She went crazy over it. There are several different toys on it that spin, bend, rattle, etc. I think her favorite thing was a blue elephant that can bob back and forth from side to side. I think she's waiting for it to talk to her. She gave it the Stare down--I think it won. I imagine she was thinking something like "What are you? Why don't you talk to me? Why does your nose look like that?" I'm surprised she didn't start talking to it as much as she's been jabbering lately.

Yesterday, Cora demonstrated her conversational skills to our church choir. About 5 ladies were standing in front of us, mingling before practice, and Cora and I were sitting in a chair. She looked up at them, clasped her hands in front of her, and began jibber jabbering. She was very serious about what she was saying and everyone was listening closely, showing her that they believed what she said was important. Don't you wonder what babies are thinking of when they're cooing and gabbing at you? I would guess it was something like "Ladies, I'm glad you could gather here today. Its wonderful to see you and I would like you to know that you are dear dear friends. Would you like to play with me and my rattle? I'll shake it for you, if you like and you can grin and laugh. Then, you can feed me and I'll give you a present in my diaper. What do you say?"

Cora has a sense of humor, too. This morning, as the choir was warming up for the cantata, Cora got a little fussy, so Geron picked her up and continued to direct. At one point, he started singing quite loud and Cora put her hand over his mouth. The whole choir got a kick out of it. I always thought she'd do that to me, but apparently she can handle my quiet singing okay. Daddy, on the other hand, needs to back down a little bit. Ha!

Anyway, thats the latest in the world of Cora. She's a beaut!


Tooz said...

Well, honey, you had Granny laughing out loud! When she's talking to you, do you respond? Do you ask her questions? That's what I used to do with Everett and you all. Love you, all three of you, and just can't wait to see you next week.

Tooz said...

Oh, you might want to know that the CB broadcaster on the next street is still at it. I hate that guy's broadcasts.