Monday, January 29, 2007

"My ear hurts" and other things I wish babies could say

Why can't babies come out talking?  Crying is so hard to decipher.  Cora has so many different cries.
1. The mad cry----means "Someone has wet my diaper again!"
                                            "Get me out of this swing!"
                                            "The boy who picks his nose is trying to hold me again!"
2.  The hungry cry---who are we kidding-its obvious what this one means
3.  The tired cry---means "Yes I know I was supposed to go to sleep about three hours ago, but you all took me out again and broke my schedule.  Please put me down and let me go to sleep."
4.  The awake at 4 a.m. and noone will play with me cry
5.  The pain cry
Unfortunately, the last one isn't so easily decipherable.  (so what if I just invented a word.)  Cora was steaming hot yesterday and we couldn't figure out what was wrong with her.  We checked her temp and it was 103.  She's never been over 101 as far as I can remember.  G went to the store and bought extra thermometers just to be sure ours was working.  103 was correct.  So, we headed to the e.r.  Turns out Cora has an ear infection.  I was afraid she was going to leave this world on the way to the hospital.  How I long for her to be able to tell me what hurts when she's so upset.  While I might not be able to fix it i could at least know that things aren,t as extreme as her cry makes them sound and I can have a better idea of how to get help.  When we know she's in pain our hearts hurt. 
So right now , our little baby girl with the beautiful personality is feeling blue.  Today she has slept and cried, slept and cried.  She's taken her bottle and eaten her solids, but there's no spunk in her little body today.  Please pray with us for our little angel.   I know there are parents in this world who have to deal with much worse and I am thankful that the Lord has been faithful to give us only what we can bear.  I'll post some more when miss Cora's get-up-and-go comes back.


Tooz said...

Remember this, when she is sick: if she is making a big fuss and hollering, she isn't sick enough to worry about. It takes energy to do that.

I'm sorry CoCo isn't feeling perky. I hope she'll be better soon. You might want to elevate the head of her crib, if you've not already done that. I think they sell things at WalMart that you can set the legs in (probably in the hardware department) which will boost the crib up a good four inches at one end.

Love you all.

Becca said...

If you have some good thick books, that will work too for elevating the crib. I once used old stacks of TV Guides.

CJ got a fever of 104 once, and it was freaky. I swear the poor baby was hallucinating. He was just babbling and staring. We gave him some infant Motrin and cuddled him (it was 3am) and just went I was ready to call the doctor, the fever came down. I took him in the next day--ear infection.

I remember as a kid when I had ear infections, nothing helped like Daddy's arm. He radiated heat, so I would crawl into bed with him and curl up with my ear on his upper arm, and it was better than any heating pad. Cuddles are powerful things.

Anonymous said...

I pray that you heal Cora and give her comfort. And I pray for Lydia and Geron to be at peace as well. We know that you love Cora even more than we do, so we trust you to care for her. Thanks God.

I will keep on praying! I know how hard it is to have a kid who doesn't feel well!
Love to you all