Saturday, April 7, 2007

Fish Out of Water

Cora really really wants to crawl.  At her sitter's house, she is surrounded by excited kids on the move and it is killing her that she can't join them yet.  The best she can do is roll to wherever she wants to go.  I'm sure this won't be much longer, though, as she is showing the signs of one ready to take off and crawl.  Lying on her pudgy round belly she pushes her chest up off the ground and kicks her legs froggy style.  I call this her fish out of water pose.  If only her little feet could get a grip on something....
In the meantime, we have been practicing standing a LOT lately.  Cora may be one of the few who walks before crawling.  I've heard many say that this effects learning later in life, but have read research saying this is only a myth. As far as reading goes, it is proven that kids who are read to regularly from the time they are infants are earlier and better readers--whether this has to do with crawling or not, I have yet to discover.  Anyhoo, Cora loves standing and bouncing and is also a fan of reading.  And we love watching her participate in all three.  
Some days I really want to rush her into crawling, walking, talking...other days I just want to watch her be a baby because I know she won't be one for long.   


heather honaker said...

don't rush her into talking, because before you know it, you will nothing more than for her to BE. QUIET. :)