Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Yelling and other things

Cora loves to yell.  She discovered her voice quite awhile ago, but has just recently learned how she can make it loud or soft.  She really enjoys making it LOUD.  Yesterday was no exception.  On the way to work, once again, she was letting her presence be known in the backseat--yelling away--not angry, just yelling because she thinks its fun.  Louder and louder she grew.  Geron and I couldn't hear the radio nor each other.   "EEEEAAAAGHH!  EEEEAAAAGHH!  EEEAAAAGH!" she'd holler over and over again-joyfully, mind you-at the top of her lungs. Finally, Geron said "Cora, you need to stop that now.  You need to quiet down. " Without a second's pause "EEEEAAAGH....EEEEAAAAAGH....EEEEAAAAGH".  Of course we lost it.  I don't know if she knows she's that funny or what, but she cracks us up. 
Also, in the Cora news this week, she is ready to crawl.  I'm sure it is only days away now.  Scooting is getting old.  She's taken to rolling over to get to wherever she wants to go.  Remember rolling down a nice big grassy hill when we were kids?  She kind of looks like that as she rolls across the living room floor.  Most of the time she'll roll right under Geron's recliner and I have to come from wherever I am to get her so he can get out of the chair.  Now, she can stay up on her hands and knees for quite awhile, but doesn't go anywhere.  In fact, if we put her in that position, she'll stay there until she's ready to sit down and she'll put herself in a sitting position.  Or, if she's tired, she'll just plop that belly right down onto the floor--and then we get the fish out of water dance.  Funny to watch Geron imitate, too. 
Pulling up--another big milestone she is desperately trying to do.  Her sitter says that they discovered yesterday Cora is the one pulling all the plastic bins off the shelves--perhaps in her efforts to pull up, or perhaps because she's a little turkey.  Now, she's wanting to pull up on the soap shelf in our tub.  Not gonna happen,  She also tries on the bumper of her crib and is unsuccessful, of course. 
Cora is growing sooooooo fast.  People told me this would happen, but noone can tell you exactly how quickly it happens.  I'm relishing these moments while she's still not really crawling because soon she will be into everything.  My absolute favorite moments are still just holding her when she first doses off to sleep.  So precious.  I'm so thankful for my beautiful little girl. (My beautiful little HAM of a little girl.)


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hold that baby! I am so excited that we will get to see you all soon! She sounds like a hoot!