Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ham--no, not the food

I see Geron in Cora more and more everyday, specifically this past Sunday.  Some may disagree, but I believe most would say we had a miniature Geron strutting her stuff at our cantata rehearsal Sunday afternoon.  Our regular nursery worker had an emergency, so Cora joined us in the sanctuary for our Christmas cantata rehearsal.  She visited soprano after soprano after alto after alto for the first part of practice.  Then, some innocent bystanders(people waiting on family members who were in the choir) watched her for us.  At some point, Cora escaped their laps and made her way up onto the stage, behind her daddy who was directing.  She walked back and forth across the stage, stopping every once in a while to make faces at different choir members.  Classic moment of the evening--a soft durge suddenly sprang into a bright, lively tempo.  Immediately Cora threw her hands over her ears and stared at everybody. She looked up and saw Geron directing (waving his hands, as far as she was concerned) and started waving both hands as if to the direct the choir as well.  We all cracked up.  At the end of one of the pieces, Geron asked me to go to the keyboard to run parts and saw Cora going there as well and quipped "Cora, will you go to the keyboard?"  I was afraid she was going to try to help me play parts, too, but she was good and walked away.  I think my favorite thing she did that night was during a rhythmic exercise with the men's sections.  Geron said "The-Love-of-God" and Cora repeated loudly "Uh-guh-buh-Dah!"  SHe hasn't quite gotten the consonants down, but her vowel sounds and rhythm matched his perfectly!  We knew before she was born that she loved music.  And now we know she loves to mimic her Daddy, too.  (PRAY FOR ME)


Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

LOL! That's great. When am I going to get to meet your little ham?