Sunday, December 9, 2007

Mrs.Brown is at the liquor store and her van blew up!

That was word around school the day of our fire. A school bus had passed and Geron motioned them down to relay word to the school that we were stranded. We were parked in a liquor store parking lot which was located at a VERY VERY busy intersection. Lots of children had seen us out in the cold as they rode to school that morning. In fact, that's how my good friend, Laurie, received word of our accident. A student had told her that I was at the liquor store and my van had blown up.

Meanwhile, a good samaritan had driven up in a large SUV, and allowed Cora and I to wait in its warm cab while he remained outside talking to Geron. He'd offered to take us anywhere we needed to go, but I knew my in-laws were on the way, so we decided to wait. And, he let us stay in the vehicle as long as we needed. Within minutes, Laurie showed up and parked her car in front of the store, not in a space--but keep in mind, neither were the van, SUV, FIRE ENGINE, nor my in-laws' van (they'd shown up just after Laurie) parked in one. As Laurie loaded Cora and I into her car, the owner of the liqour store whose lot we occupied came out and asked Laurie to repark her car properly in a space. She was going to hurt his buisness. I don't know what kind of buisness he thought he'd get with the van-shaped inferno and FIRE TRUCK in his lot, but Laurie's small car was certainly going to cost him some sales--GIVE ME A BREAK!

Anyway, we are thankful for God's protection and provision in this time. I am certainly thankful for the good soul who offered us a warm place to wait from the cold, for my friend Laurie who showed up right away and took Cora and me home. For my in-laws who have helped us numerous times and waited with Geron for the tow truck that day, For the children at school who gave me such huge hugs on Friday when I returned to work, telling me they were so glad I was okay. And for my young, hispanic, second grade friend who said "I'm glad you were able to get your baby's things out of the van. That would have cost you a lot of money to have to buy new stuff." I couldn't believe such a young mind understood a problem such as that. Church family who said they were so thankful we were all safe and noone was hurt--friends even willing to loan us their vehicle until we can find another. None of this is about people being nice. GOD HAS BEEN GOOD TO US. He uses those who are willing to bring about his good work. And for this I am thankful.