Sunday, January 18, 2009

a good daddy

tonight i was reading over some pre-cora posts.  geron made a cooment about a book he had bought while waiting on me trying on dresses in motherhood.  it was a book about dads and daughters.  looking at our family since cora has come along, i must say geron has been a very good dad to our little daughter.  i love to watch them as they have their tickle watch them cuddle up in the recliner to watch veggie see him hand her a mic and let her sing on the stage just before church begins because she wants to be like her daddy... to lead her in her bedtime prayers...those are only a few of my favorite things.  there are so many more.  thanks, geron, for being such a good daddy to our girl and now also to our precious little boy.  you are a great role model for them and i appreciate all you do for our family.


Tooz said...

Somebody's fooling around with their blog lay-out--looks good!