Saturday, January 9, 2010


A small discovery occurred in our home this evening...After being sent to bed, Cora waited for me to come read her a story.  As I tried to get Cohen to sleep, I heard her calling for me with a bit of concern in her voice.  "Mommy?....Mommy?" Geron took over with Cohen and I went to see what Cora needed.  When I walked into her room, she was standing beside her bed with one hand behind her back.  She looked up at me with eyes full of concern and said "Mommy, I have a hole in my bottom."  Trying to stifle my laughter, I took her to the bathroom to wash her hands and attempted to explain the hole's purpose.  I had to turn around and bury my face in a towel several times to keep from laughing.  Oh the wonders of being three.


Bird's Words said...

wow... life is full of wonders anew!! I love it!

Everett said...

Makes me wonder about this summer and her assertion about where the poop comes out. I wonder how she thought it got out.