Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Episode 7 "Cohenbacca"

Geron, as you know, is a huge fan of Star Wars and perhaps, like any fan, hopes to see his children develop the same liking. So, that being said, you can imagine Cohen has a few Star Wars toys, two main ones being a light saber and a Yoda doll. (Yoda to the adult, "Yo-yuh" to Cohen.)

Anyway, tonight, Cohen was playing with the light saber before bed and was headed to get in bed with it. When I attempted to retrieve it, Geron said
"Never separate a Jedi from his light saber."

Cohen crawled into bed and snuggled his light saber (in place of Ernie and Baby George tonight). As we left his room, Geron added "Good night, Jedi Cohen."
(Love you, we do.)