Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Make Believe

Cora and I were playing earlier.  She had on her Mulan dress and was pretending to be a young wife.  Here are some things she told me about herself and her 'friend'.  
"I'm married. My husband's name is Pastor Jares."
"Do you have children?"
"No, not yet."
"Do you plan to have children?"
"Yes, we want three." 
"Three boys or girls or what?"
"Three girls.  My friend Anna has three boys.  Her youngest's name is Austin.  Her oldest's name is Hi-ho."
"Oh, is he Korean?"
"No, they live in China.  We do, too."
"Are you missionaries?"
"We're doctors.  We help people have babies."

She just walked into the office with a large wad in her dress.  She then dropped it on to the floor. 
"Look, its two babies!"

I'm a grandmother!