Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Birthday Blowout

Buzz! Woody! Jessie! Bull's Eye!  Saturday was our big birthday bash for Cohen and Cora.  We celebrated their 2nd and 4th birthdays at PlayWorld Down Under, basically a McDonald's Playground on CRACK!! (throw in some pizza).  I was surprised and delighted at the great turnout of friends and family we had to party with us.  All of Cora's friends from Wet Paint (the preschool class at church) and their siblings and parents, Cohen's nursery friends (minus one good buddy) and their parents, Cora's best friend from down the street and her mom and mimi, plus all of our parents and siblings (minus Uncle Sean), and even Cora's new Pre-K assistant teacher and her husband were there!! And Aunt Becky and Uncle Tom! Needless to say that the party room~which they gave us the biggest one by the way~was overflowing with people and it was fun! Its a good feeling to know how much your kids are loved by so many people, and to know what a strong Christian support system they're going to have as they grow up. 
We played hard that day,  climbing, sliding, running, yelling, ski -balling (like the new word?)...And ate a ton of cake, designed by Daddy, baked by Bi-Lo with our Favorite Toy Story character's on it.  After all the exercise at PWDU, we headed back to the house.
Seeing all the presents in the living room at home felt like Christmas morning!  Cora and Cohen had their own huge pile of gifts and couldn't wait to tear into each one of them.  Its really hard to keep toddlers from opening presents while you try to write down what each gift is and who its from, especially when grandparents spoil them with a TON of gifts!  The reactions on their faces were priceless and it was amusing to see what they really got excited about.  Cora insisted that Annie take a picture of one of her birthday cards.  Cohen had a fit when he saw Cora riding his new truck. And finding out that Cora's best friend new her so well she bought her the exact thing she wanted without being told----true friendship right there, folks!! 

It was a great day and those two awesome kids definitely deserved every bit of it!
Happy Birthday, Cora and Cohen!!  Mommy and Daddy love you so much and are so thankful to have you in our lives!