Monday, November 8, 2010

Away in A Manger Cora-style

Tonight, the kids and I read some Christmas stories.  Yes, I know Thanksgivin' (Cora calls it that) isn't here yet, but I'm ready for Christmas anyway.  So, we read a couple of stories about Jesus' birth and then Cora serenaded us with "Away in a Manger."  She sang the first verse beautifully and then added a tag that was a little different...

"The cows were there to see the baby,
And the sheep,
And Bob, too.
The shepherds and the angel were there to see the baby,
And Mary,
And Joseph,
And Bob, too."

Can you guess what style of Christmas story we read tonight?


Tooz said...

Hmmmm, was there also a character named Larry?