Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dedication, Exclamation, and Relaxation...

Sunday publicly started a whole new journey for us.  We dedicated Cora to the Lord.  For those of you who may not know what this involves, here is a very basic explanation.  Its a public decision to raise Cora with Christian values so that she might one day accept Jesus as her Lord and Saviour.  We, as her parents, commit to letting The Bible be our "How-to" book for raising her and to it being our personal guide book as well.  It is also a call to the church to hold us accountable and to teach and show Cora the love of Christ through their own lives, too.   I can name many people in the church(es) I grew up in that have taught me so much about God's unconditional love for us and His forgiveness through Christ Jesus.  I don't know if I would be here today without many of them. 
The service was beautiful and Cora was soooo good during it.  She wore a lovely little satin dress with embroidered flowers on it.  Check out the picks on flicker.  My favorite (that we have so far) is one of me holding her with her just staring into the camera with her beautiful big blue eyes.  In some ways she looks absolutely nothing like me--except for those big cheeks!  A lady at church took some pics, too, and I really love one of Cora laying on her pink blanket with the dress and bonnet on.  I'll post it when I get it.
NOW, for the exclamation part of this post. 
MONDAY--a new day.  Cora had her two-month check up yesterday. A healthy 22 inch baby girl, weighed in at 11 lbs, 6 oz, an average size baby.   You may remember that this visit involves immunizations, SHOTS.  I don't remember right off which ones they were,  but she had four of them, two in both of her fat little thighs.  Poor baby cried and cried.  We gave her some baby tylenol before the shots, but they still hurt, of course.  She cried all the way out to the car and once the van started, she went to sleep.  Geron kept her all day yesterday since I had to go back to work.  She slept a good part of the morning, but her daddy related that the afternoon experience was quite difficult.  We're sure she woke up with sore legs--you all remember how shots can leave you feeling.  He fed her and changed several diapers--and dealt with a quite fussy baby.  He told me last night that he understood why i wasn't able to get much done when I was taking care of Cora those first few weeks. 
....and finally, relaxation.  Today Cora went to the sitter's and slept the day away.  She was beat!  She normally eats about every two to three hours.  Today--after her noon feeding, she went to sleep and didn't eat again til about five o'clock.  I only hope she'll sleep through the night.  She's got to get a bath, so maybe that will wear her out, too. 


Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Yeah, the shots can be rough, but believe it or not, she'll eventually get used to them. Jamie did. The key when she gets older is to not make a big deal out of the fact that she has to get shots.

Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Around our house we still hate shots! did we tell you about when Bryan got his shots for Uganda?? CAN WE SAY HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!!! However, they are important, and so we keep on doing it.

The pictures are gorgeous. She is a princess! I am so sorry that I couldn't be there to celebrate with you. I missed you so much. I am having a blast praying for her though (and you all too!)

Love you all