Saturday, January 27, 2007

growing way too fast!

If you aren't a parent already, you will find that once you become one people tell you all the time to enjoy your baby because they grow up way too fast.  They are not kidding!!  Cora has gotten sooooooo big! She just turned 5 months old this week and is weighing in at a hefty 16 lbs easily.  Just yesterday it seems she was just a tiny little ball rolled up on my chest.  I want to push the slo-mo button on her, but I can't find one anywhere. 

These days Cora is learning new things.  She has FINALLY rolled over and has been working on sitting up for a few weeks now.  She can sit up for almost a minute with no support.  Who knew I would ever be excited about watching someone just sit...babies are amazing little people!  She is starting to laugh out loud now, too, and let me tell you JOY---there is nothing like the high you get from hearing your little one laugh.  I know tomorrow she will be crawling, or so it will seem like tomorrow. 
As for personality, Cora is a charmer! She is soo sweet and friendly.  She will let pretty much anyone hold her and is perfectly content as long as she is dry and fed.  As much as it kills me to admit it, she is definitely a daddy's girl.  You should see how her face lights up when he walks in the room.  I can leave her at the sitter's all day and walk in to pick her up and she justs looks at me like "Oh, hey, mom.  Did you come to watch me play with my friends?"  Geron walks in and she kicks her legs and grins like "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"  She wants to know exactly what's going on at all times.  And sometimes that means 4 a.m.  I remember the first month when she slept through the night---it was nice.  Nowadays she wakes up around 3 and wants to giggle and play.  Of course, we don't---and it breaks her heart, but eventually she accepts the fact and goes back to sleep.  The girl, who has acquired several nicknames---Daddy's latest being "Pookie Bear" and Mommy's favorite "Biscuit"--is a talker, too.  If anyone can translate baby please come visit and help us out.  I think I get the jist of what she's saying most of the time, but I haven't quite figured out "ya ah eeee ah ah" yet. 
We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of some new friends, two due in February and one coming around her birthday in August.  We also look forward to hearing news from afar---Kate Alvis, let us know when you've arrived!  Josie and Seth have made it into this world healthy and beautiful, praise the Lord for that! We trust He is taking care of our soon-to-be friends as well.  As for little Miss Cora, she is the oldest and youngest baby in our church.  Please hurry and get here,  new little friends! 
So, things are good and exciting here, but are progressing way too fast for Mommy!  New mommies and daddies, enjoy these days--they don't last forever!


Becca said...

Dude, I have to ask how you came up with Biscuit--Tom and I nicknamed CJ that when he was still in wonb and we didn't know his sex, and I still call him that sometimes. Freaky.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Miss Cora sounds like a darling girl. I hope to get to meet her one of these days!

Love ya big bunches!

ann said...

I thought Biscuit was what you called her posterior cheeks.

Anonymous said...

I miss you guys so much! i can hardly wait to see you all again. It DOES go by fast. Bryan will be 11 in a month! YIKES! Am I really that old???

Tooz said...

I love my grandbaby and her mommy and her daddy. I wish I lived in Dayton, TN, so I could just pop over and take care of her for you.