Sunday, June 10, 2007

Best friend?

One of Cora's favorite places in the house is the door to her friend's room.  After I finish changing her, she likes me to carry her over to her "friend's" room so she can play with her friend and her mommy(who looks just like me).  She grins from ear to ear when she sees her friend and her friend's mommy.  She tries to give her friend a kiss but there's always a barrier between them.  She'll laugh and grin at her friend and her friend's mommy for the longest time.  She'll carry on a conversation with her friend and they'll both laugh at the funny things they share with each other. And then she'll try to give her more kisses, but again, the barrier is always there.  The other day she tried to pull the barrier down and look behind it to see where her friend and her friend's mommy were.  She can't understand why they won't come in her room and play with her.  I realize I'm being corny, but this seems to be Cora's point of view.
Cora absolutely loves to look at herself in the mirror.  The first time I ever held her in front of it to really study herself, she cackled and cackled.  And ever since then, she loves to visit the baby in the mirror.  She truly looks for her when we go in her room.  I must confess, it is one of my favorite games to play with her, too.  I'm cherishing this game because I'm afraid of the day she'll stand in front of the mirror and say "Mom, this looks awful.  I don't like the way my hair looks.  I hate my nose, etc."  Even as I see that in words, I am beginning to pray that she will see herself as God sees her--his beautiful child whom He loves and values.  Perhaps then there won't be a day like the one above.  For now, I'm enjoying every minute of my little girl's life.  Excuse me while we go play with our friends in the mirror some more.


Tooz said...

I don't see how C can ever hate her little button nose or her precious hair (what there is of it!) or those sweet, sweet cheeks that need to be covered with kisses. I hope she never, ever feels like that about herself! Love to both of you. (And Daddy too, for that matter.)

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

I have pictures of Jamethan playing with his mirror friend in his playpen. I have pictures of it, and one of these days (when I find one in my huge box of pics) I'll post it to my blog.