Sunday, June 3, 2007


Cora is a water baby!  She definitely takes after me around the water.  Our best friends from Richmond came down this past weekend to spend time with Cora and us, and we tried the pool out one afternoon.  Holly, Cora, and I, that is.  We had emptied the pool and were refilling it.  Holly suggested we let Cora sit in the pool as it filled.  Cora was all about it!  Except she didn't want to sit.  She kept getting down on her stomach trying to swim!  It was hilarious to watch her!  She'd flip over and wave her arms and kick her legs--kind of like when she's trying to crawl--she loves the water!  Eventually the pool filled and she played in her crab for awhile, bending over every now and then trying to take a sip of water.  I'm so glad she is enjoying her pool.  BUT I think she's taken it a little too far.  Since we've bought the pool, Cora seems to think everything with water in it is a pool.  Taking a bath is a whole new adventure!  She keeps splashing down on her belly to swim in it, too!  We'll have to post video of it soon, too.  I'm thankful I've got a little swimmer!


Anonymous said...

I had a blast in that pool with both of you! She is a doll. We had a great weekend with you all. love you lots..Holly