Monday, August 6, 2007

Walking ???

Cora is ALMOST 1 year old and ALMOST walking.  I guess it was Sunday when she performed her newest trick--walking while holding just one hand.  I hadn't even seen her "cruise" yet, and here she was, holding my hand, walking down the hall, through the living room like she was a big girl ready to go do her own thing.  I won't be surprised if she's walking alone by her first birthday.  I'm loving this stage because she understands that we are delighted in her and responds to our encouragement.  BUT, she IS growing up too fast!!  What a darling daughter, though.  Thank you, Jesus, for our precious little girl!


Tooz said...

She's about at the stage where your daddy says you can give her the end of a string, and she'll hold that and walk, as long as you have the other end. I'm really amazed that she's so close to walking, considering her size! Her Uncle Mike, who was apparently pretty similar in build, didn't walk until he was 18 months old. Love you all.

Tooz said...
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