Thursday, August 2, 2007


I love her!  I love her!  I love her!  My baby girl tickles me pink!  Lately, we've been working with Cora on waving and saying bye-bye.  She is finally getting it, although, she chooses to say it under her circumstances and not ours.  For instance, this morning at breakfast, she popped her hand up in the air, waved like a princess and said "Uh-bye  Uh-bye".  When I left for work, I waved and said "Bye bye" to her.  Did she respond in kind?  No, just looked at me as if to say "These blocks are fun, mom.  Do you want to build with me?"  As Geron drove her to TonTon's house, she waved in the van--at noone--and said "Uh-bye Uh-bye  Uh-bye"  to noone in particular but her daddy.  When Geron dropped her off at TonTon's, did Cora wave to him?  Probably not, but I imagine 2-year-old Lucy blew him a kiss.  When I picked her up from TonTon's did she wave then?  No, just gave the look that said "My mommy's here.  I like my mommy.  I wonder what's for dinner."  But today, when we went to the grocery store, she waved at Miss Charlotte, a friendly cashier who we barely know from Adam.  She grinned and waved and said "Uh bye" soooo sweetly.  What the???

Why do babies wave bye-bye to strangers but look at their parents like they're retarded when asked to wave to PawPaw or Granny?  Please explain.


Tooz said...

My guess--because THEY aren't going anywhere, we are. She was leaving the store, she was riding, away from the people she was waving at (going bye-bye)...But then if we knew what was going on in a baby's mind, we'd be on the talk-shows and making millions as baby-whisperers! Love you all.