Friday, September 7, 2007

Sleepless in Chattanooga

Our family has been participating in something called a "Sleep Fast".  Its where you give up sleeping for 3 nights straight and see how many times you can get up and down out of the bed in one evening.  Of course, the whole idea was Cora's.  Except she gets to stay in her bed, if thats what she wants.  About every hour or so, she spits her pacifier out and cries until someone walks in her room and gives her paci back or changes her diaper or picks her up and rocks her or...You get the picture.  Geron and I haven't been doing so hot, needless to say.  And apparently Cora hasn't been either. 
When one fasts from sleep one begins to wonder WHY one is fasting from sleep.  They look for signs.  Usually the person who has come up with the idea to fast from sleep is the one showing said signs.  So, we looked to Cora.  This morning, she gave us some very definite signs.  Sign one:  I sat her in the high chair and she threw up what looked like banana pudding BEFORE i could even feed her breakfast.  Sign two:  she threw up apple juice in the van on the way to the sitter's.  So, we went back home.  Sign three: she slept ALL DAY--woke for maybe half an hour, had one poopy diaper and one peepee diaper all day long.  Sign four:  fever.  So, we finally went to the doctor's office this afternoon.  To sum it all up, the reason we've been fasting from sleep is because Cora has two ear infections. 
We're now on meds, well Cora is, but that means we are getting our sleeping pills finally! HA!  Hopefully tonight our fast will be over and perhaps things will start to be back to normal tomorrow.  Please pray for our little girl. 


Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Sometimes I think ear infections are more miserable for the parents than they are for the babies. Glad to hear she has medicine and is now on the mend.

Big hugs!

Tooz said...

Boy, I sure hope the sleep fast has come to an end! Love you.