Friday, September 21, 2007


Cora got her twelve month--almost 13 month--shots today. Everyone in her doctor's office seems to be crazy about her.  I just assumed they went gaga over all their patients, but the nurse told me today that they actually have some favorites and Cora is one of them. Sweet!  Cora showed off her latest trick today--walking. Everyone cheered for her and she seemed to be pretty proud of herself.  She weighed in at a whopping 25lbs and 4oz and is still 29 inches long. Her nurse said she'll probably start losing some weight now--which means bye-bye cute little pot-belly and roly poly legs.  I hope she keeps her chubby cheeks for awhile.  As for her shots, she took'em like a pro.  Well, she cried about a minute, maybe, but dried up pretty quick and started cutting shines, as my dad would say.  She now has pink eye, too, which came from the same virus that caused her rash and fever earlier in the week.  Doc gave us some drops for her eyes, though, so hopefully it will clear up pretty quickly.  While I don't want to see her doctors and nurses as often as we have been, I really do love them.  They are so good to ALL of us. 


heather honaker said...

if it's any encouragement, molly is 6 now, and STILL has some of the chubbiness left in her cheeks. cora is such a cutie!! :)