Thursday, February 28, 2008


She certainly can't say the words on her shirt yet, nor does she have any idea what they mean, but Miss Cora is talking up a storm these days.  At preschool/day care, the children have been learning their colors and practicing their ABC's.  The other morning on the way to school, Cora was singing her ABC's in the back of the car.  Perhaps I should say she was "attempting" to say them.  We heard "A B D E D Gee Bay..." etc.  As for colors, she's repeating them fairly well...Puh-ple seems to be her favorite.  And a routine we have on the way to church involves her repeating the names of her friends she'll see that day.  She's about got the Pastor's family down.  Maa(matt), Ked ee(Keri), BayBee(Bailey) , Em meh(Emily),  Maa doo(Matthew), and Wuh-meh (William)-- we're still working on William.
Well, this past weekend my parents came down for a visit.  They hadn't seen Cora since December, so they'd been dying to spend time with their one and only, favorite Granddaughter.  Cora and I practiced their names all week before they came so she could surprise them when they got here.  Mom was to be "Granny" and Daddy was to be "Grandpa".  By the end of a fun weekend, I think they grew fond of the names "Buh bee" and "Bah Bah", at least for now.  At what point do babies learn the /g/ sound anyway?  I'm afraid "BuhBee" might turn into "Boobie" and I don't think she'd like it as much then.  I've tried to get Mom to go with "Nanny" because Cora is a pro at that one.  Suggestions? 


ann said...

I guess I never thought about it before, but "guh" is kind of a gutteral sound, isn't it?

Tooz said...

I'll settle for Nanny or Boobie either one. Love you.

Tooz said...

How neat that Cora's favorite color is puh-ple, just like her mommy's friend. Love you.