Thursday, January 24, 2008

new things

So we have pretty much let everyone know by now that we have another addition on the way. We are so blessed. The baby is due right around Cora's second birthday. Fun Times Ahead!

So Lydia's first pregnancy was pretty uneventful for the first several months. No sickness like we had heard horror stories about. Oh how things have changed? Lydia has gotten morning sickness a few times now, but not in the morning. Hers seems to strike in the evening. Last night it unexpectantly struck at church. So this morning I have been cleaning carpets. Someone told me that I may even get sick too. I hope not

Cora has been in the church daycare since the beginning of the year and is doing really well. Teachers love her and are always bragging about how well she behaves. I cringe when I see the other parents trying to disentangle themselves from screaming children who don't want mommy or daddy to leave. We have never had that issue...until now. Cora has always been excited to get to daycare and always glad to see us when we arrive to pick her up. Today while I was there to clean up the aforementioned morning sickness from the evening before, i thought i would just pop my head in to say hello. It was her lunchtime and since I was in the building anyway I figured it would be no big deal. Oh The Drama!!!

I said hello and got a quick sugar and turned to leave when the screaming began. Cora had never acted this way at all. She threw a full-blown fit. This was a major one. I had never seen her upset like this. With tears streaming and arms outstretched(hers) in anguish I returned her to the teacher and profusely apologized for disrupting an otherwise wonderful day. Several minutes later as I was working on getting up the stubborn stains left by mommy on the carpet I could still hear hear crying and I almost did too.

I think the guys over at need to do a segment on this kind of thing.


Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

I think I can shed some light on this. Cora is accustomed to being taken to daycare and dropped off, secure in the knowledge that later in the day Mommy or Daddy will pick her up and take her home. The unknowing blunder you made was that you acted in a manner which upset her understanding of how the day works. Daddy came, gave her hugs and sugars... then left. This merely confused her, because in her mind since you were there it was time to go home. I had this problem once with Jamethan when he was about a year old, and his teacher explained it to me the same way I just explained it to you. But don't worry - a little confusion never hurt anybody. Hope this helped. (If it didn't, just ignore me. lol)

Tooz said...

Jennifer beat me to the draw. I was thinking the very same thing. And I also agree with her that a little confusion never hurt anyone. It will start making her a little more aware of time, if nothing else. Love you all, and I enjoyed reading the details of my favorite 1-year-old's, favorite minister of music's, and favorite pregnant daughter's day.

ann said...

only pregnant daughter, by the way :)

Tooz said...

Well, let's see--two more days and it will be March. Do you think you could squeeze in a minute or two to blog? Love you anyway.