Thursday, November 20, 2008


Before you think I’ve fallen for this psycho mumbo jumbo, let me make myself clear.  ESP isn’t what you think it is.  In my living room, it is referred to as Extra Smelly Poop.  ESPD, actually, with the D meaning that it came from a Dog. 


Yes, we were puppy-sitting this morning for Geron’s parents.  Tucker, their shih tzu was going to Collegedale today, but had a morning layover at our house.  Cora was thrilled to pieces to have Tucker over.  They chased each other all around the house like cowboys and Indians. 


In the kitchen, I laid out an old towel as a potty mat for Tucker in case he had an emergency.  I took him out several times just in case.  Well, during their chase-fest, I noticed Cora and Tucker were playing tug-of-war with the towel.  Oh well, so much for a potty mat, I thought.  A while later I noticed a stench.  I thought cora had done some buisness in her pants.  I followed her to her room and then spotted something on her foot.  Poo.  I picked her up, took her to the bathroom, sat her in the tub and wiped her off. Leaving her in a dry tub to await the coming bath, I then ran through the kitchen , dining room and living room looking for the stink bomb which cora hadn’t laid, by the way.  I found part of it on the emergency towel, part on the floor and a nice big one on Cora’s playhouse.   So, I picked it up with some toilet paper, flushed it and cleaned up the floor.  I put Tucker in his crate, headed to the bathroom and gave Cora a bath. 


In the midst of all of this, I learned a lesson. Puppies and toddlers should not co-exist, or cohabitate, that is.  And I learned something else, too.  While I love dogs, I’ve decided to settle for enjoying the ones that belong to other people.  (…Thanks, Daddy.)


Tooz said...

So what were you doing home? And why was Tucker going to Collegedale? Interesting story there! Love you all.

Tara said...

Why is it that dog poop smells a million times worse than toddler/baby poop???