Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Going Potty

I am so proud of Cora Sophia. She has been wearing panties for the past two weeks, and no, not the same pair, Annie. She's really been doing well, very few accidents. Even poopoo has been a success, that is, getting it into the potty. This morning we were on the way to work and had driven to the top of our street when Cora started crying "Go potty! Go potty!" We turned around and drove back to the house--afraid peepee might happen in the carseat and would have to take her into the day care wet. So, we get to the house, I jump out, run around and get Cora out and carry her into the house and put her on the potty. She sits there for a bit. I'm like "Come on already. You said you needed to potty. Go!" expecting peepee to happen any second. We wait, she grunts and finally lets out a little toot. "I pottied!" she exclaims. "I poo-ped in the potty!" Only a toot, though. I don't know whether to be pad or to laugh and laugh. I scowl and laugh at the same time, get her pants back up, clean her up and take her to the car and go to work.

I guess I'm just thankful that she knows when she has to go now and tells us.


Becca said...

After the struggle we went through to finally get CJ potty-trained at the age of 4, please allow me to emit a hearty, "Grrrrr!"

Seriously, though--congratulations, Cora!