Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fun with Mr.Potato Head

Cora and I got pretty creative with Mr. Potato Head the other day.
Notice the pierced tongue and nose. Little Miss has longed to have
her ears pierced, so I put Mrs. P's earrings on her and I think that
nipped it in the rear for awhile. (Those things really pinch!)

Anyway, this morning, Cora waltzed into the living room, hands behind
her back and said "See my butt?" I just laughed and finished packing
the diaper bag. So, she said it again "See my butt?" To entertain
her, I said "Yes, I see it." (Didn't because she was wearing a dress
and she was holding her hands over hiney anyway.) Then, insistent as
she is, she turned her hind side toward me and smiled that huge grin
and said it again. "See my BUTT?" She was holding Mr. Potato Head's
backdoor flap on her bottom!

She cracks me up!