Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sometimes You Pray for Your Kids to Be Quiet

How many parents wish they had just a few moments of peace and quiet?  How many have thought "if you'd just be quiet for a day, it would be so nice..." ?  The past few months, Cora has gotten in a habit of talking CONSTANTLY and I've sometimes thought  "wouldn't it be nice to have a remote that I could mute her with?"  But this weekend has changed my thinking on that a little bit.

Cora is sick.  She has 'stomatitis', a virus that has caused about 50 blisters to develop in her mouth.  She has barely talked for the past three days. Most of her communication has consisted of grunting with her mouth closed.  She has refused to eat or drink or take medicine.  We have offered every favorite food imaginable to her:  Ice cream, popsicles, jello, pudding, milk shakes, slushies, candy---you name it---and she has refused it.  That's one way you know she's really sick.  She has snuggled with anyone who would hold her, that's the other way  you know she's sick.  NOT a snuggler, that one.  

Being a virus, there is no medication to stop this, it just has to run its course.  So, we are praying hard for strength and fast healing.  The blisters can last up to two weeks, though.  

Today, Cora has eaten a green bean, a few licks of ice cream, and drank about 4 ounces of thawed popsicle.  She's actually spoken a bit, too.  But she is no where near being the upbeat little girl we all love so much.  Oh, we still love her--that didn't sound right.  She's just not at all herself.  Please pray for her quick healing and pray for us as we do our best to nurture in this time.  


ann said...

I've been thinking about her a lot. I saw on mom's facebook page that she is eating more now. Keep us updated. We'll keep praying for her. They're such sweet babies!