Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ode to 'old' people texts and facebook comments

Sitting up at 4:47a.m.

Awakened by a wet diaper, but baby slept as I changed him.  Cohen did, too.  (HA!)

Couldn't get back to sleep because I had something on my mind.

Looked up Titus 2 on internet.  It DOES say in the Bible, that older women should teach younger women how to be good homemakers.  How did I miss this?  I am convicted and pray I'll have the energy to start this MAJOR change.  (half-laughing half scared to death)

Going back to bed.  Another early day with new kindergarten students tomorrow.

Other: Love the new texting commercial where teens are lecturing their parents about facebook and texting.  "Sitting-on-the-patio..."  If you know what I'm talking about pretend you think it is as funny as I do.  

It is 4:52a.m.


ann said...

I like that commercial. I saw it again last night. I like the look on the dad's face when he is typing "sitting on the patio." He looks so mischievous.