Monday, November 16, 2009

Points of Exclamation

Cora has been making attempts at exclaiming things lately.  She picks up phrases here and there and tries to use them in conversation.  Here are this weekend's attempts.

"Do You Believe That?"-
  • Saturday, at a restaurant bathroom, she discovered water covering the floor around the base of the toilet and piped "Mommy, are you believing that?!"  

  • And once again yesterday, in a church restroom, she walked in one stall and saw some leftover "2" that hadn't been flushed. She took one look at the toilet, politely but emphatically said "No", turned around and walked into the next stall. As we were leaving the restroom she asked "Mommy, can you believe in that?!"  

A thesaurus's alternate suggestion for "Good grief!" perhaps?-
  • After church was over tonight, Cora was running around the church and tried to go upstairs to Pastor Matt's office---I imagine she was going for a sucker.  Anyhow, William, Pastor Matt's youngest and a year older than Cora, was on the stairs and wouldn't let Cora pass.  She told us all about it at dinner.  "William wouldn't let me go upstairs to Pastor Matt's office.  He was being disrespectful to me.  OH CLAMOROUS!  He was rude!"  (May have even been glamorous, but was amusing whatever the case!)By the way, William, thanks for standing guard.  You did the right thing, little man!


Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Maybe she was trying to say "Oh, calamitous!"?!?! Either way, too cute!

ann said...

Or she was clamoring to get the sucker?

(my word verification was "youth")