Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sweet Moments with my daughter

This morning I had a rare opportunity to take the kids to day care/preschool.  Geron usually drives them since his office is right next door, but today he needed the truck so I took the kids. Little did I know what a special time was in store for me. 

On the way to school, Cora asked me "Mommy, did Jesus make dark?" 
"Yes," I said," He made the dark and the light and he called the dark 'night' and the light 'day'."  "Did Jesus make storms?" she asked.
 "Yes, he made storms, too, but we don't have to be afraid of them because He protects us. Cora," I told her, "out of all the things God made, He loves people the most."
"Does Jesus love kids?" she then asked.
"Yes, he does.  The Bible tells us that Jesus said "let the little children come to me." Cora, Jesus loves us so much that he did something very special for us." I explained to her how Jesus came as a baby into the world, grew to be a man who showed us how God wants us to live, was treated terribly by people who were jealous of him and ultimately killed him---that he died for us, but he didn't stay dead.  On the third day he rose from the dead and lives again. She took it all in and responded this way:
"Mommy, lets sing a song about Jesus."
So we sang "Oh, How I love Jesus."
Even Cohen chimed in with the word "OH".
Many mornings, I rush through the routine of trying to get the kids, and myself ,ready for the day and forget what the whole purpose of the day is---to worship the One who made it.  As a mom, my most important role is to teach my children that Jesus loves them.  This morning, they were the ones teaching me.  Thank you, Cora and Cohen, for our precious moments of worship this morning and thank you, Jesus, for these precious ones who lead me into it.


Bird's Words said...

This made me cry!! I love how you take those moments and don't miss the opportunity to minister God's love on your kiddos! I learn a great deal from you Lydia.. I love you~

Everett said...

That's awesome, Sip. Woohoo!

Amy said...

Beautiful!!!! Your momma shared this post with me. I think she's kinda proud of you:)

Tooz said...

I like the new background on the blog, folks. Looks really neat.