Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Art of Conversation

Coffee Talk with Cohen, this a.m.:

Cohen woke up and walked into the living room.  First words out of his mouth were

 "Can I watch a movie?"

(I know, it shows that I'm not very creative in my morning entertainment for him while I'm trying to get ready for work, but it keeps him quiet while Daddy and Cora catch their few remaining morning z's.) He walked over to the recliner, pointed at it, and asked

 "Can I sit on that couch?"

 "Wait," I replied "where's my hug?"

 He shrugged his shoulders and answered

 "I don't know."

 I tried again "Can I have a hug?"

He came over, crawled in my lap and gave me a big hug, including pats on the back.  (I love that!)  Then, I let him slide down and he walked over to the chair again.  He turned to me and said

 "What's Daddy doing?"

"He's sleeping" I responded.

"Where's Sissy?" he asked.

"She's sleeping, too."

"I sleep in da night" he said.  "Where's Cohen?" he asked me.

"Right there" I answered as I pointed at him.  He then looked at me, thought for a minute, and asked

"Can I watch a movie...'bout...Veggie Tales?"

He climbed into the recliner, I turned on Dave and the Giant Pickle, and went about my morning routine.