Monday, September 27, 2010


5:45 a.m.  Cohen wakes up. "Mommy!"  Tiptoes into our room "Mommy!"  I jump out of bed and rush out, closing the door,so at least one of us can get some inkling of sleep.  

"Go back to bed, Cohen." I steer him toward his room.  He stops by the bathroom.  
"Can I go potty?"
Really, Cohen?  I don't think I can sit in the bathroom and wait 10 minutes for him to possibly not even go.  
"Go to bed, Cohen."
More persistent "Can I go pottyyyyyy?"

We go in.  I open the linen closet and pull his seat from its hook on the door, place it on the potty, place him on it---oh yes, removed the diaper.  He sits for two seconds and pottying ACTUALLY ensues.  A few seconds later "Done!"

I lift him off the potty, send him back to his room, grab diaper, put it on him and put him back in bed.  "Good night" I tell him as I cover him up and tiptoe back to my own somewhat comfy bed. 

10 minutes later 

I jump out of bed, run out of the room, shut the door and find him in the living room. 
"Hear somefin' ."
I don't hear anything.
"Come on, Cohen. It's not time to get up.  Let's go back to bed."
I usher him to his room and help him into bed once again.  
Lightning McQueen comforter swallows him up and I tiptoe out again, closing the door behind me. 

10 minutes later...

Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!
"HEAR somefin.."
"Cohen, I don't hear anything.  Let's go back to bed."
He stops by the bathroom again. 
"Can I go poopy in the potty?"


(I bypassed/vetoed this option. I was 99% positive it wasn't going to happen.)
Back to bed for Cohen.  Back to bed for me.

10 minutes later...
We're both up for the day.  Sesame Street is on.  I'm blogging and about to get ready for work. 

Cora sleeps in.


Tooz said...

So update us tonight--did he poopy in the potty or in the diaper? Love you all.