Tuesday, August 9, 2005

finally...a good excuse

I read this article today and felt relieved. I always get accused of not listening to my wife, and now I know why.

it says: "The female voice is actually more complex than the male voice, due to differences in the size and shape of the vocal cords and larynx between men and women, and also due to women having greater natural 'melody' in their voices. "This causes a more complex range of sound frequencies than in a male voice."

This might explain why I have trouble understanding my wife


Anonymous said...

My comment is that I have no comment, other than my wife speaks sometimes and I don't even hear her. She gets so annoyed but I never know about it cause, well I don't know, ask her.

I love Jesus.

Anonymous said...

you notice that it was a MALE researcher who explained the findings of the study.

sounds like another lame excuse to me.

especially the fact that our physical therapist at work uses this excuse ALL. THE. TIME.

Anonymous said...

How did I miss this post??????
So, you admit it?
Um, but, um, but,um--
there is no excuse. :)