Sunday, August 21, 2005

braves game

Yesterday a group from the church including Lydia and myself went to Atlanta to see the Braves take on the Padres. On the way there we got stopped in Atlanta traffic. Apparrentlty a man was threatening to jump off of an overpass. Get the story here. Once we got to the game it took about thirty seconds sitting in the outfield bleachers for me to realize what bacon must feel like when it gets cooked. It was roasting. I guess the temp in the stadium was around 100 degrees. I was fine as long as I was sitting, but when I went to get more water, I almost passed out. So I gave up my choice seat and went and sat farther up in the stands in the shade with all of the women and children. The ushers had been instructing people with kids to sit in the upper levels and I joined them. Round about the fourth inning the aforementioned overpass jumper traffic arrived at the game and wanted their seats wich were being occupied by heat exhausted women, children, and fat people. It was a scene. The braves lost by a grand slam in the top of the 13th inning.

This was my first Braves game. Turner field was great. The seats were a little small, but that's my problem. As a loyal Cubbies fan, I faithfully resisted the urge to do the Indian tomahawk chop thingie every other minute with all of the other lunatics. It was a good day thanks to copious ammounts of spf 48.