Wednesday, September 7, 2005


I know I've been a little unfaithful lately. Sorry! It's been a busy week. and I've been kinda down. I've been working like a slave at church tyring to get the great office remodel over. Last week my knee and back were really hurting a lot. The back has returned to normal and the knee is well on it's way to full strength. One of my teeth has been hurting a lot, and I was putting it off as long as possible. I went to the dentist and he says I need a root canal. He gave me a copy of the x-ray, meds, and a referral to a root canal specialist. See for yourself. Anyway the pain is starting to subside a little. I'm no anti-dentite, but going to the dentist is one of the few things that really gets me uptight. dentists and clowns. Before you ask, Yes that's really my teeth.

I know if your like me you've probably spent lots of hours watching coverage and looking at images from the Gulf Coast wasteland. It's horrible, and I can't imagine the pain and loss so many are feeling. They are in my prayers.

Here are four pieces of good news.(1) Konfabulator, a great little app, has been bought by the fine folks at yahoo, and it is now free. (2)Todd Snider is coming to town, and I'm going to try to make the show(late saturday night and early sundays). (3) my wife is scratching my back even as I type. She's good people. (4) I'm 2% away from having the entire first season of Veronica Mars in my possesion. It's a great show, and chatt has no upn.